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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Laundry Room- Building a Box

So do you  remember after we installed our new lights, it left this empty electrical box in the ceiling?  Beautiful right?
 It's a raggedy hole in the ceiling, people!!  
You know I can't leave it like that.  
First, I thought we would cover the ceiling with bead board.  But I didn't really want to work around the attic access and all those cabinets mounted to the ceiling.
Second thought was to cover the ceiling with some wallpaper I had bought at DI ages ago.  But didn't have quite enough and was turned off by the idea.

Third, and last idea, was by far the best!!!  
Check out the picture below.  
Do you see it?  

It's the drop ceiling between the two upper cabinets at the vary top of the photo!! 
 I find inspiration all over!!
Great, now to make my ceiling drop.
I just needed to make a box that fit between my two cabinets. 
 I chose to make it out of MDF.  I didn't need a whole box, just the front and bottom. I measured and cut my two pieces with 45 degree cut.  Then I glued and clamped the angled joint. 
 (Use a square to make sure it's square.)
I forgot to do that and boy was
  I was mad when after the glue dried I realized it wasn't square.  

I was wanting to give up about now. 
 It had been a long day and I seemed to be making lots of small mistakes!! 
But I was determined to get this box done before Les got home from work!!  
So I gave myself a pep talk and continued on!!!
After my "un"square box was dry I put it in place and traced the front and bottom edges along the wall.  Then I took the box down.  I marked 3/4 inches (width of my board) inside my traced lines.  
I butted the ends of my support boards on these new marks.  The support or mounting boards were attached to the ceiling along the rafters or studs.

Once everything was ready, I had my tall boys slide the box into place and hold it while I nailed it up with the nail gun.  
Yeah, no more electrical box!! 
OK, it may still look odd, but just wait till it's all painted and trimmed out!!

The best part was I got 'er done before Les got home, with only one little accident.  At one point I had the box resting on top of my ladder and some how it fell off!!  No worries, I saved it from destruction by catching it.  Yes, I caught it, but the nail bed on my thumb took the brunt of the hit!!  
Yeah, I walked around for a few minutes in awful pain coming from one square centimeter on my thumb!!!! 
I felt real tough when one little band-aid took care of it!!

At least I can say I put my blood, sweat, and tears into it!!
Thanks for stopping by.  

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Anonymous said...

Very cool! Great idea! Visiting from Home Stories A to Z.

Jessica said...

I love how creative you are at solving these quirky little problems you come up against!

PneumaticAddict said...

Great idea! The drop will make the whole thing look so much more custom and built in. Hey, any chance I'll be seeing you at SNAP?

Unknown said...

Brilliant. By the way, I've had that look more times than I care to share while doing my own DIY projects.... just not pretty.

Cristina Garay said...

That's going to be one of the room's nicest features. I always get in that same kind of accidents, not fun!