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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Stenciled wall that was all for not!!

As promised I'm here to talk about my stenciled wall!
So I originally thought about using some vintage looking wall paper in the laundry room, but after I changed color schemes I wasn't sure.  But, I made a stencil anyways.  I used an old plastic page protector.  Not the new kind, but the old kind that had black paper in it because they are fairly stiff.  I taped four sheets together and then traced my design on with a permanent marker.  Then I just cut it out with a utility knife.  Making sure to leave small lines to connect the stencil.  After it was complete I taped it to the wall and used craft paint and went to town.
I did the whole wall!!  
Loved the stencil, but not necessarily with the linen wall I put up!

This blog is about "real" DIY, and in the real world everything doesn't look as good as it might in your head.  I put the debate on my face book page. Many people liked it, but a lot felt like me and said they weren't feeling it. 
 I had to go with my gut, and my gut said get rid of it!!
So I painted over it!!
It's now a white wall!
You just gotta go with what you like!!
I have lots more to do in this laundry room so come back!
Thanks for stopping by!


janetmagna said...

aw, I'm sad. I love the stenciled wall :(

janetmagna said...

Aw, I'm sad. I LOVE the stenciled wall. :(

Marti said...

Aw! All that work. I liked it. But like you, the linen wall wasn't working for me.

OrangeBlossom said...

I think it was the direction of what was going on. The linen is going horizontal and the stencil vertical. At least to me that's what threw it off. As an engineer, I need to root cause 'why' I don't like something.

Thanks for the idea on how to create your own stencil!

Unknown said...

A gal's gotta do what a gal's gotta do! Having done A LOT of stencil work... OW! Painting that over had to hurt.... but if you weren't feeling it, you just weren't feeling it. I'm sure it looks great!

Jodi said...

I think the linen wall is time.less and so sophisticated looking. Like I said on your FB post, I would let the linen shine in this room!

Unknown said...

I really like it! So much work, but if you didn't feel good about it, it was good you changed it :)