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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Laundry Room - Cabinet Doors

OK this is a post about my laundry room,
but I have to back up and give you a little background story first.
Remember when I jazzed up my office ceiling fan to look like this?

Then do you remember this post here about when I found this copy cat photo below on Krylon's website?

Many of you gave them a piece of your mind, and they responded.  I received an e-mail asking if we could talk and work this out.  
 Kudos to Krylon for reaching out to the little guy!! 
 If you were moved to write them a letter before I hope you write them again and tell them how pleased you are that they were willing to work with me individually!
To make a long story short Krylon and I came to an agreement that both of us could agree upon.  Part of that agreement was for me to be able to do a project with Krylon paint.  I have always liked Krylon products and glad they wanted to mend the fences, making it possible for me to use them again in good conscience.  
Alright enough of my story! 

 Fast forward to the Laundry room. 
 I wanted to buy a paint sprayer to paint the cabinet doors because I wanted to a very smooth finish.   As I started my research I started to realize that setting up and using a sprayer for such a small job (5 doors) seemed silly.  
That's when the thought came to me! 
I wanted the color to match the gray linen wall I had installed on the side of the cabinets, so I picked Krylon's Classic Gray Gloss.  I also used Krylon's gray primer. 

For starters, I sanded down the doors.  I sanded more than you may need too, because my doors had lots of drips and brush marks from the previous finish job. Some doors I just did a lighter sanding on.  

Next I wiped down the doors with a TSP solution.  Once they were dry I sprayed a coat of primer and then lightly sanded.  Sanding in between coats makes for a smoother finish.  Make sure to wipe off the door after sanding with a damp cloth.  I gave everything two to three coats of primer and let it dry.

Then I just sprayed lots of thin coats of paint.  Don't try to just give it a thick coat, be patient and layer thin coat after thin coat.  Let it dry very well before handling and installing.
  Like a day to let it harden and cure! 
 Patience is key here!!
Here's the before and after of my $5 cabinet doors!!

Once fully cured, spray paint has a very durable finish! 
 I would definitely do this again! 
Here are some close ups!!   

What do you think?
I am rocking the Krylon spray paint!!
Once all the doors were installed I added these bumper dots to th insides of the doors.  I think these are very important for painted doors.  It stops the two surfaces from sticking or rubbing.  I actually got my one time at the Restore!!

You may be asking how I painted the cabinet boxes and parts that were installed. 
 I actually took in a sample door to get a paint match and then hand painted them. I spray painted the doors though and all the crown molding and trim. 
 I'm really liking the smooth finish. 
 Can't wait to get some knobs on these babies!!
Thanks for stopping by.


OrangeBlossom said...

Wonderful that Krylon is working with ya!!! The cabinet doors look fabulous!

PneumaticAddict said...

That's so cool that a big company like Krylon stepped up to the plate! I think your cabinets look amazing! I'm sure they will hold up well. Spray paint gets a bad rap, but it is oil based enamel or lacquer in a can, both of which are beautiful and extremely durable.