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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Sweater Drying Racks

I have tried to pack as much function as possible into my little laundry room! So of coarse, I had to add some sort of drying rack. I don't know about you, but usually when I have items that must be air dried, they go on a towel on the kitchen table until dinner. Then the still damp item gets moved to the coffee table or where ever else until it dries. I pinned quite a few ideas, but in the end I chose to follow my friend Sandra's instructions over at Sawdust Girl. You can just go over and follow her instructions like I did. I only changed one thing. I really didn't think I would be able to line up my holes for the dowels, so here's what I did. I marked my holes on the side of one board and then I clamped a stop block on my drill press so I could make all the holes the same distance from the edge.
Last of all I clamped the left and right sides together and drilled through both boards. All holes were perfectly lined up!!!!
I then connected the mesh or netting, from a laundry bag, with thin strips of wood just like Sandra. I love how they turned out!!!

I also used different drawer glides than Sandra because I wanted mine to be easily removed. Once the racks were done and in place I made drawer fronts out of 1/2 inch MDF. My drawer glides have a lot of movement and I found my fronts were not all flush. I just marked how much was sticking out and sanded off the back of my drawer front until it fit flush. Hope that makes sense. Once everything fit right I added my 59 cent knobs I got at The NPS Store. I used dimes to space my drawer fronts as I installed them. I didn't want any rubbing between the fronts.

So excited to be able to dry items tucked away in my laundry room until they are completely dry!! Here's the tower with the clean clothes baskets and drying racks!! I'm so in love!!!

What do you think?  
We are almost done with this laundry room.  
(We added a fan to the back of the drying racks to help things dry faster, go here to see how we did that.)
Thanks for stopping by!!


Cristina Garay said...

Ronda, Another awesome project! Your laundry room is getting magazine worthy, beautiful!

Emma said...

Wow! The built in looks fabulous!

Donna said...

I am wondering what you used for a fan for your drying drawers?
I've been looking for ideas for my laundry room which is shared with a deep freezer and fridge as well as a large laundry sick (which has to stay as my son and husband use it for other things) Thanks

Wendy said...

Where can I find similar baskets like you used here? Been looking all over...

Jenny said...

I’m trying to make something like this, but am trying to determine how narrow I can make the draws. What are the measurements of the side pieces of your drying rack drawers and the drawer face?

Jenny said...

I am trying to build something similar but I’m wondering how narrow I came make a “drawer”. What do your “drawer” sides measure? How about the measurements of the “drawer” faces? Trying to figure out what is the smallest in height drawer slides are made. Thanks for any help you can lend.