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Saturday, May 10, 2014

My Kids Love a Great Show!!

Alright it's brag time again!! 
 I can't believe how big and gorgeous my girls are getting!!
Anywhoo, I just wanted to post a few pictures from the Junior High musical they were in.  
They put on Disney's Little Mermaid Junior.
My girls were both cast as water!!
I must say they were some of the most beautiful water I had ever seen!!

How do you be water?  Well they basically sat on stage an gently waved some sparkly material.  Sounds a little silly, but onstage it really made a great water image.  Hat's off to all the water girls.  I think there were about 10 of them.  
(You can see them with the fabric in the small photo's below.)
Of coarse they were singing as the chorus to almost every song!!
They really had fun.  I went and did makeup for them aswell as for a lot of the other kids each night!  I painted blue, green purple and white on girls faces, necks and down their arms!  Followed by a lot of glitter!!! 
 (Don't I look the part of a make-up artist?)
It was fun and I loved it.   I got to be artistic, get to know some of the girls new junior high friends and most important, spend time with them!! 

This show had a lot of glitter.  Everyone, guys included, were dusted with glitter, so they would catch the light and give the appearance of being under water.  Each night of the show, after the kids were in there costumes and had there makeup done, they got doused in hairspray and then dusted with glitter.  I snapped this photo of Emilee getting glittified!!  I thought I would die laughing latter when I looked at how I captured her glitter fairy who accidentally dumped a whole lot of glitter right on the top of Em's head!!

I love these two girls and love how they are growing up so graceful.
  I was truly blessed by the Lord to get to be these two girls momma!!
I am grateful they love to spend time with me!!!!!

Thanks for stopping by!!


Unknown said...

Your girls are so beautiful. The first time I came home for a visit from school I was blown away by my brother, and all the kids in our ward of the same age group. I never noticed how much they change right after 6th grade. That no-longer-kids-now-teenagers change. Your girls are lovely and looking so grown up!

Nana said...

They are beautiful like their Momma. How I love you all three. Water Ladies at their best.

Cristina Garay said...

Love the last picture of you and your girls, you all look beautiful! I can see the nice water effect when using the pieces of fabric. :)
I love to attend school productions, the big cooperation of students, teachers and parents almost always make for great shows!