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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Small Laundry Room Project - Cork Board on a Cabinet Door!

We almost have our house put back together, after our accident. Can I just say how grateful I am to my Heavenly Father for showing me he is always there. If I just relax it will all be OK. I know, it's called faith. I have faith, but some days my faith is tried harder than others.  
OK thanks for letting me share!
Now here is a tiny project in my laundry room I squeezed in. Remember I am trying to pack as much function into this small space as I can. I decided I needed a place to tack up notes and special washing instructions. The inside of this cabinet door looked good to me.  

The best part about this project was that it was free to me, because I already had everything I needed. It was all left over from other projects. But even if you had to buy your supplies it's still an inexpensive project.

Utility knife
Straight edge
Cork (leftover from my pin board project)

I wanted to cover the inset on the inside of the cabinet door. I took the door off and laid it on the ground, measured and cut my cork and then used two-sided tape to stick the cork on. I was afraid the tape may not hold it long term, so I added decorative nails, which also added interest and a fun detail. 
(I hammered them right into the wood. Make sure you verify that they won't come through on the other side.)  
My nails were free, from my office chair I recovered here. I kept all the nails that weren't bent or beat up. 
 (Yes, I know I keep everything!!)

A very small easy project, but also very useful!!
What do you think?
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Nana said...

Great Idea. Love You!

Unknown said...

Great! Can you give me some advice on building a closet as well?