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Friday, June 6, 2014

DIY Built In Ironing Board - Part Two

I am back with my part two of my novel of how I made my own built in ironing board.
Remember in Part One here,
 I had a hard time finding a "how to" on the Internet.
 I was following this guys sketchy instructions.
 Last time we had finished making the actual board and swivel elements.
Look at the photo below to see what it looked like at this point.  
(OK maybe ignore all the little holes across the bottom and patched ones. They are mess ups!!)

I proceed with my instructions making these very cool but painstakingly hard side track pieces and adding a wooden dowel to the top of the U shaped piece. I made a rectangle support piece and attached it all with the door hinges, just like my instructions said to. Finally I tried out my new contraption!!!
It worked!
I had spent all day and made and ironing board that would slide down and swivel!!  
Then I realized,
 I had done it right, but it was too tall!!
I am pretty tall, but this thing was never going to work to iron on!!
I had made it correctly but we had installed the cabinet too high.
Too late to change that!!
I was so tired and frustrated I had to leave it for another day!!
After a few days of thinking it over, I tried adjusting it, but could not get it to work.  
I finally came up with a plan that worked!!

I took two door hinges and attached them up against the back wall of my cabinet. I then added a thin piece of wood to the front edge of the cabinet bottom as a spacer. When the ironing board comes down this spacer keeps it level, otherwise the ironing board is on a major downward angle.  

Once I was sure everything was going to work, I painted all the parts.

After the paint dried I put everything back together and then started on the ironing board cover.
I used an old towel as a pad,
(I am a use what you have kinda gal!)
I just cut the towel using the board as a pattern. I then staple the towel to the board. I used the old teflon ironing cover off my old ironing board for the next layer. I just cut it down to fit slightly larger than the towel. Then I cut my fabric I wanted to use as the final cover. Again I used the board as my pattern and cut the fabric about 3 inches bigger all the way around. I then turned under about 3/4 inches all the way around. I then sewed all the way around leaving and opening to thread a ribbon through. Next I put it all on the board and pulled the ribbon to gather the cover and tighten everything down.

With out further ado, here is the finished product!!
I love it!!!
  I did not put an outlet in the cabinet as I had one just below the cabinet on the wall.  
So what do you think?  
I am tickled pink with the swivel.

Thanks for stopping by!!

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Julie Khuu | Haute Khuuture said...

Wow impressive! The cabinet itself is a pretty major accomplishment but that swivel? Genius! You need to package this baby up on etsy! I bet she'd fly off the shelves, especially with added extras like personalized covers! So cool!

Peace. Love. LOL!

Haute Khuuture Blog

Nana said...

Creativity is your middle name. It looks great and works great. What else could you ask for?

Bharati said...

wove!! It looks amazing!! Absolutely love it.
Bharati (www.techiesdiyadventures.blogspot.com)

Cristina Garay said...

Wow, it looks amazing! I love how you solved all the obstacles on your way and ended up with such cool project! Pretty cover too ;)

Anonymous said...

ok so i was following you up until I saw the picture of the dowel and the groove.. what are those for? I thought the lazy susan metal thing was used to swivel the board??? What am i missing. LOVE your idea and you're right there's NOTHING on the net about this DIY! thanks!

Unknown said...

Hi! I love how your project turned out! Do you mind telling me what paint color you used? It's beautiful!