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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Happy Father's Day!

Just wanted to pop in and wish you all a 
Happy Father's Day!! 
I also wanted to to thank three very special fathers in my life.  
First, where would I be with out my Dad?
My Dad only had two girls, so we got to work along side him.  I am so grateful for all the times I spent in the yard, on the roof, in the garden, and building things!  
I must say it was the foundation of many things I do today!! 
 My Dad also was a very funny and loving guy growing up.  
My favorite memory was when he would turn his glasses upside down and dance around.  
Thanks Dad for the laughs and lessons!!
This is my dad holding me on my blessing day!

Next, would be my husbands father Dan.  
Gosh were would I be with out him raising Les and teaching him so many skills?  
Grandpa Batchelor has a garage full of tools that Les learned on and wishes were his! LOL 
 He also has a ton of glow-in-the dark toys but that's another story!!
I love this picture of Les with his Dad, check out the waffle mountains on the cake Grandpa helped him make for the Cub Scout pack meeting.  Hooray, they won the grand prize!!!

Last of all, the Father of my children, Les!  
Gosh what can I say? 
 I put together some of his many faces!!
I guess you can tell he is a comedian!  
Which is one of the things his kids love about him.
His boys love camping with him!!

I love that he love his kids and is always trying to be a better dad.
  He loves the Lord.
Thanks honey for all you do!!
Happy Fathers Day!

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