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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Update on our Accidental House Crash!!!!

OK life is extremely busy this summer!! 
 I feel like I get torn every day between projects, fixing things, spending time helping the kids, and trying to keep things somewhat clean around here!!
Any way, today I thought I would give you a little up date on how things are going after my crash into the wall!!! 
If you don't remember that go here to check it out.
First up, my car!
Here is what the suburban looked like. 

 Not sure if you can see all the extra parts laying on the ground; like part of my head light. We wanted to fix this baby!! It was paid for! But the insurance company said no. Then we had it towed into a local dealer and got an estimate to get it fixed which matched what they said they would give us if they totalled it  But they still said no!! It was very frustrating, but they would not budge.  So in then end we said good bye to our suburban.  
(I was a little surprised that the kids and I were a little sad we didn't get to say good bye.  They hauled it away from the dealership, so we never saw it again.  Weird but we felt a little cheated!!)  

Anyway, I drove the beater car we bought for Jaysen, 
(you can check that out here,)
until we found a good car that we could afford.
Meet our new blue/green machine!!
The kids argue over what color it really is, BLUE or GREEN!
In reality it is somewhere in between, but either color we are liking our new ride. I think what we like most about it is that we bought it used and paid cash for it, so no car payment!!!!
That's the Batchelors Way!

Replacing our car was not the only problem we had to solve, we also had the house to fix 
inside and out!
Here is a reminder of what the wall looked like after the car rammed it!!

The shelves were actually not too damaged, just the front 1x3's were snapped. This oak storage piece was actually the center section from the entertainment center we bought used.
  (We used the two out side pieces in the office in the photo below.)  
(Go check out the post about that here.)

Anyway, the oak piece was totally crunched.  
The drawers and the sides were so broken there was really no saving it.
Here's a quick run down of what we did.
1.  We took everything off the shelves an dismantled them. We took the oak unit apart and saved any parts we though we could use again.
(We are frugal that way!)
2.  We started peeling away the layers of the damaged wall. Drywall and then OSB. You can actually see where the OSB cracked.

3.Once all the layers were gone we could see how the bottom plate had split and the studs were pushed back into the house. We were able to replace a two foot section of the bottom plate and knock the salvageable studs back into place and toe nail them in. 
 (So grateful it wasn't worse.)
4.  After we fixed that problem we put all new layers of OSB and drywall and had it fire taped. Then we made a trip to the good old Restore and bought some used cabinets. We installed the cabinets and rebuilt the shelves around them.  

Here's how the garage looks today!

As for the inside.....
that is another story!!  
Just kidding, 
we just cut out the cracked drywall and replaced it, and then had it taped and textured.  

Next time I will show it to you all painted and pretty, and with a surprise I added to the wall.
I'm just glad we have most of this surprise project done!!!!

Thanks for stopping by.

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