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Friday, June 27, 2014

What do do with all that extra paint!

If you don't already know, I paint A LOT!!

 I paint rooms, furniture, frames, cabinets, boxes, decorations, and accessories. With all that painting you can imagine that I have a lot of paint left over.
 Here is just a sampling!

 I love to be able to touch up things, so I like to keep paint.
 I also often use left over paint on other projects.  
So when I came across and article on P&Geveryday titled,
 How to Store and Dispose of Paint my interest was peaked.

If you, like me, have lots of paint to store you should head on over to P&Geveryday and read the article, 
 but I just want to share a few things that I thought were particularly helpful.
1.  Moving paint out of it's original can, will help prolong the lifespan of the paint. 
2. Using a container that is just larger than the amount of paint you have leftover will reduce airspace in the container and help prevent drying out.
3. Using an old water bottle with a marble in it works great.  When you need the paint you can just shake the bottle with the marble and it mixes it up and makes it easy to pour.
(I am heading to the store to find marbles and will start hoarding my husbands water bottles!)
4.  Eliminating air is essential and can be accomplished by turning your tightly closed container upside down to allow the paint to create its own seal.
5. Although I label my containers I don't think to record the date it was opened.
(I do keep a marker in my paint storage area though!
6.  I think my favorite tip was to have the store associate print out a extra label when you purchase the paint to use on your secondary container.  
I can't wait to reorganize my paint storage area! 
That's just my favorite part of the article.
Head on over to P&Geveryday and read the article yourself.  

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oliveoyl64 said...

This is genious. Takes up less space than a bulky can, and easy to see the colors. So going to do this!

Emma said...

I am so excited to learn how to keep the paint from drying out while it is stored. Thanks!