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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Boring Staircase No Longer!

I know you have been in suspense, wondering what I did to that stairwell wall I crashed into,
OK, I know you haven't given it another thought! 
So let me remind you where we left off.  

I have always had big plans for this huge boring wall,
(of coarse I have so many plans in my head it hurts.)
Anywhoo, I decided if I had to paint this giant wall again now was a good time to put my plan into play!  Enter my awesome deal about a year ago!

Anyone remember when these boards went on clearance for 29 cents each, and we bought all 94 they had left? I knew I would find good projects for them. They are 16 feet long, which made this project super easy. My wall is like 14 feet tall give or take. I started by outlining the wall with these MDF boards. Then I divided the space with two boards running top to bottom. Then after some head scratching math I added cross pieces making a grid.  
(Can I just say climbing up and down and up and down the ladder was the hardest part.)

Once the grid was complete, I primed and painted the whole wall.  
Yeah I think I am in love!!!

I love the impact this wall has now!
I still have to paint the other wall and I'm working on Les to see if I can update our banister! Wish me luck and I'll be back to show you more later!!

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Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

Oh wow, this looks amazing. I love it.

Jessica Draper said...

This looks amazing!! As always you made lemonade out of lemons!!

Emma said...

It looks great! The ladder climbing sounds hard. I like the chandelier without the shades. More emphasis is on the curves of the light now.

CC said...

looks so upscale! it amazes how you see this 'stuff' before you do it!

Feral Turtle said...

Wow that really made a positive change! Great job!

Unknown said...

I love it! You can never go wrong with adding woodwork...it's like it's own piece of art!

Cristina Garay said...

Oh my goodness, I love love LOVE it! What a great way to turn bad things into positive awesome ones! I just wish you had taken a picture without the ladder in ;)

Unknown said...

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Diane at Perfectly Imperfect Life said...

This is exactly what I'm planning on doing in my stairwell. (Wish I could find me some hook strip! )

The thing that is making me drag my feet is that my walls have orange peel texture and I don't want to skim coat everything. Are your walls textured or did you luck out with flat walls?

Unknown said...

I know this is a very old post but I really love this idea for a stairwell. How did you manage to cut the board to fit around the handrail? Any special trick?