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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

How to Build a Scooter Stand!

One day while cleaning out the garage, Les and I decided we were fed up with scooters all over the place. Les came up with this awesome scooter stand. I  posted it and it has become one of my most viewed posts!! I guess it just goes to show we are all more alike than you think, everyone must have scooter parking problems!!!

After multiple requests for some sort of how to, I finally made one. 
Tomorrow is my birthday and I will be skyping with the host of Studio 5 on KSL about my scooter stand.
I thought it would be fun to re-post my How To post.
So here it goes.
Keep in mind we tend to build with what we have.  
You can alter this and use almost anything you have. 
 But I will tell you what we used.

We basically made a fork out of 2x4's. 
 We had five scooters so we made it to fit five.  
Our end piece was 21 1/4 inches long.
The tines on our "fork" were 19 inches long.  
We used six and spaced them  2 1/2" apart.  
(Keep in mind that some scooters are larger than the ones I have shown here.)  
(We have a extra large one now that is a very tight fit.)
I suggest you use your scooters to determined the spacing.

We used a quarter inch thick piece of scrap pressed wood for the bottom.
  It helps keep everything straight.
We used wood screws to put it together.  

You could paint it to make it look oh so pretty,
 but we just needed it ASAP! 
I did eventually paint it gray!
It's very simple yet it is easy to use and fairly sturdy.
 Good luck!
Thanks for stopping by!


Moore Minutes said...

I need one of these! Super cool! :)

Unknown said...

That is amazing, I almost want to copy your scooter stand design and sell it on our site. You want a royalty?

Anonymous said...

Very nice article. I enjoyed reading your post. very nice share. I want to twit this to my followers. Thanks !.

Ella R. Parker said...

My daughter is a huge fan of scooters but we haven't got her one yet as we got her a bike.