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Monday, July 21, 2014

Planked Wall and Barn door!

Last post I finished my barn door and was ready to hang her up!!  
Of coarse it can't be that easy!!!!
 We needed to mount a board on the wall to mount our hardware to. Les didn't like the board just sticking out of the wall all alone so I suggested we plank the wall.  
(I have secretly been wanting to try out a planked wall, so this was the perfect opportunity.)
We decided to use the boards we already had, remember our 94 boards we bought on clearance!! (You can check that story out here!)
We used a 1x4 peice of  pine that we already had and cut it down on our table saw to match the width and thickness of our MDF boards. We leveled and then attached the wood board with long wood screws into every stud it spanned. Then I glued and pin nailed one long MDF board at the end of the wall to give it a nice finished look. I then cut an MDF board to extend our pine board. Then I just worked my way up to the ceiling, using nickels as spacers, and then down to the floor. I used wood glue and pin nails to attach all the boards.

This went surprisingly fast. I did this whole wall in one day. I really only needed my kids to help with the really long boards that went over the door.  
(Ashlee was pretty impressed with my wall, can you tell! I think that's a photo bomb!) 
You can plainly see the wood board before the paint, but not after I painted.

After painting the whole thing I had to go back and fill in this little space on the far side of the door.  Originally I thought it would be fine just painted white, but I am way too detail oriented.
 I ended up going back and cutting 27 one inch slats for that little sliver of wall!!
  I must be crazy, but it looks so much better!!!!!

Now I am ready to attache that awesome door!!!!
We were going to make our own sliding door hardware when I found a kit at Home Depot for $149.97, I went for it. It was very easy to install and glides like butter!!! 
 Once the door was in place I just needed a knob. 
 I had the perfect one I had picked up four years ago for $5
(OK it came with another door for that price! That's so the Batchelor Way!!!).  
(Go here to see the knob and door it came with!)

Here's my new laundry room door, on it's new track and with it's antique crystal knob!!!!
I must say I like this combination!!

So what do you think?

I once again can't decide if I like the function of this door or it's beauty more!!
I have one more thing to add to the door, 
What do you think it is??

I will be back next week with the big reveal of the finished Laundry Room!!  
 Thanks for stopping by!!


Unknown said...

I LOVE it! The door and the planked wall...you picked a great color combo too!

Niaevans said...

That wall is beautiful. Love the little glass vintage door knob. I would take a wild guess and say a window decal that says Laundry :)

Feral Turtle said...

It looks fantastic! Love it.

Emma said...

I love the combination of the horizontal slats and the horizontal panels on the door. Once again you did a beautiful job!