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Monday, July 14, 2014

Scary Laundry Room Door!!

Remember way back here, when I started the laundry room.
 I took the door off in order to use the wall space behind it.
  I promised I had a plan for a new door. 
 Well here's is my NEW DOOR!!!

Do you not like it?
Too scary?
 Come on,
All that laundry is killing me!!

OK, this is a door that Jaysen had gotten donated to his Haunted house that he did for his Eagle Project here. I have kept this door with bloody hands on it for three years, because I could see past the red hands to an awesome door!!
 First, I took off all the old hardware: knobs, deadbolt, and hinges.
Then I spent a couple of days stripping the door down to the bare wood.
(Can I just say this is not a fun job!!)
Next, I had to fill all the gaping holes left over from the hardware. I cut out plugs for most of the holes and used wood filler to fill in all the little gaps and hinged sections.
After it dried I spent some time with my friend Electric Sander!!

I was really happy with my progress and couldn't wait to paint it. I started looking at paint chips trying to decide which color I wanted, then I remembered some left over paint I had. It was pretty close to the colors I was looking at, so I slapped some on one side of the door. Once it was dry I took it inside to see how it would look.  
I loved the paint color,
 but noticed another small problem!  
My door was too SHORT!!!!

Yeah, I had measured to see if my door was wide enough, but not tall enough!
(Don't assume all doors are the same height! Especially older doors!!)
I was looking at about a 5 inch difference!!!!


After throwing a small fit, and consulting with my darling husband,
 We decided to add to the bottom of my door.
Here is how I did that:
1.  I made a "U" shape with 1x2s that equalled the width of my door and the height I needed to add.
2. I then added a thin board to one side. I actually used a scrap of bead board turned backwards.
Note: I had to rip down my 1x2's so that they, plus two thin boards, equalled the thickness of my door. 
3.  Next I attached the this piece to the bottom of the door with about four screws right through the 1x2.

4. Then I attached my second thin board with glue and a pin nailer.
5.  My door would be running on a track, so I cut slots in the bottom of each 1x2 side, and added small bottom strips to continue the slot or track on the bottom of the door extension.
Once I had the extension to the door on, I finished painting the whole door, distressed it, and added a brown glaze.

Looks good to me!!
Crisis averted!!!

Next time I will show you my project that I had to do so I could hang this door!!!
Thanks, for stopping by!!


Jessica said...

Can't wait to see the finished project. I think I want the same type of door for my laundry room.

Wendy said...

I just have to tell you that I discovered your home office post a while back and visit and revist it all the time. I LOVE it! I just saw you on KSL the other day and discovered you are from Utah too. :) Our house has an unfinished basement and I plan on making a craft/office room pretty much exactly like yours one day. You are an inspiration! Thank you so much for your posts! -Wendy from North Ogden

MooncakeMama said...

Hi I love your laundry door. It's so gorgeous. What color paint did you use? It's super pretty...