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Monday, July 7, 2014

What our Father's Day was like.

Les' Father's Day started with a forced breakfast in bed.  (Notice Les is already dressed?)  He was already up and walked out into the kitchen only to be told to go back to bed.  Then the kids brought him his breakfast.  It was a beautiful morning with the light streaming through the windows and all the kids laying around talking to him while he ate.  Emilee gave him a picture of Ozzie she did in art class,
 (Yes it is brown instead of black, because her teacher said she had to paint it that way so it would show up.
Ozzie loved the idea of breakfast in bed, and waited patiently next to the bed hoping to sample it!!

After breakfast the kids gave dad a glass soda bottle as a gift and told him the opener was outside!  Everyone followed dad outside to find his new grill that indeed had a bottle opener on the front of it!!  Dad was truly excited and surprised!  He always looks at BB Q's at the store, but I always say, we will buy one when we finish our deck.  So he did not expect it. 

I think the best part was that the kids all contributed their own money to help buy it.  Also, the day before Father's day we still hadn't put the grill together, it was still sitting in a box at my mother's house.  When Les announced that he was taking the car to get the oil changed and would be back in an hour our so, we went into high gear.  Branden was the only one who went with me to get the box from Nana's.  (I was not thinking how heavy the box was.)  Some how we kinda rolled the box up and into the back of the van.  Once home we worked as a team as fast as we could to put that sucker together.  
(Just as a side note, buy the pre-assembled grill!!)
When Les called and said he was on his way home and we weren't finished we tried to go even faster and wheeled it to our neighbours garage just before he arrived.  The next morning we wheeled it back to our yard before taking breakfast to Dad.  The kids and I had fun making memories with the all the excitement of our big secret.  Which in my opinion making memories is what it is all about.
I hope your Father's Day was just as fun.
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