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Sunday, September 7, 2014

How we pay for all those Projects- DIY Budget!!!

It may seem like a never ending stream of DIY projects around here, and you may think that even though we do all our projects for less $$$$ it still takes $$$$ to make the magic happen!
 how do we do it and still have money to feed the kids? 
No we are not just plain rich!!
And we do not have a money tree!!

So how do we keep plugging away at our house?
 I thought I would tell you how "WE" are able to pay for all our DIY adventures.
We have a very strict policy of "NO DEBT".  
That's right, no debt. 
 If we do not have the cash, then we wait until we do!!
It's an old fashion concept called Saving!!
So how do we get enough cash?  
We set aside a small amount from every pay check.  
We keep that separate as Home Improvement Money.  
We do not use that money every week so it accumulates.  
Not every project or step takes $$$$. 
 It may appear as though we work every day on a project, we sometimes go weeks where we can't work on any project.  Then when we are able to work we have accumulated a decent amount of $$$ to buy our supplies.  

We also try to stretch the money we have.  
I first always try to use what I have. I reuse, repurpose, or repaint. If you follow my blog you know this.
I buy used supplies at the Restore, second hand shops and garage sales. I have even boughten an item just so I could use the knobs or trim off that item because it's cheaper than buying new.  I always carry measurements for rooms or spaces you are working on so that when you come across a deal you can figure out if it will fit.
When I do have to buy new items I often look for open boxes or bags and ask for a discount.  Stores want to get rid of damaged merchandise so just ask and they will often discount it 10-15%.

Lowe's is closer to us, so we shop there most often.
We operated with no credit cards, until last year.
We opened a Lowe's credit card because we get 5% off everything we buy there on our card.  Over the period of a year we spend a lot there so we figured the savings would add up for us.
I know, I started out saying  we have a no debt policy!!!
  Isn't a credit card automatic debt?

Yes, if you do not pay it off!

We are a little annoying to the cashier, but here is  how we handle the no debt thing.
We purchase our supplies with the Lowe's credit card, and then make a payment for that amount right then as a second transaction. You can make a credit card payment at any register at Lowe's.
Works like a charm!!!

There you have it, the Batchelor's Way of budgeting for DIY Projects!
How do you budget for house projects?
I would love to hear any tips you have!

Thanks for stopping by!!


Unknown said...

Lowes and Home Depot give military discount (10%) so we use that instead of a credit card. Another way we save is to have family help with projects so we don't have to hire out. We of course help them with their projects as well.
PS We don't use debt for any expenses either.

Pine Tree Home said...

Love this! I laughed out loud but this is so great so you don't get caught up with having to pay a bill.

Heidi's Garden said...

Hi Ronda! I wanted to stop in and say thank you for some inspiration to do a wall in my cottage based on your stairway project. It turned out beautifully and I wanted to share it with you. I just posted it on my blog.

My husband and I believe in cash only for things. If we do not have the money, we do not need it. I have been selling things lately that we no longer use which has funded a good deal of what we want to do around the house. Turning unwanted stuff into cash is a great way to generate some extra.

Hugs from Holland,