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Friday, November 14, 2014

Update on the Laundry Room

My Laundry Room has been done for just over 4 months. I wanted to let you know how my faux marble counters are doing, since I get asked that often.
They are doing great!!
I think they look like the day I finished them.  
I drop clothes on them and fold loads multiple times a week. I also have laid wet/damp clothes on them for long periods and it doesn't effect them. So they are standing up to normal wear and daily use. I can't tell you how they would do in a kitchen as you might have a few scratches, but my counters in my kitchen right now have scratches.
Any question you have I would be glad to answer, but please make sure you leave an e-mail or way to respond. I can't tell you how often I get questions and no way to reply back with the answer.

Next, I must tell you of one small addition we made to the laundry room since we started using it on a regular basis. Remember my drying racks?

I found that the air inside the cabinet did not circulate enough to dry the clothes. They were wet and in a small dark place!! So we decided to add a fan.

First we cut a hole in my brand new laundry room wall!!!
and added a switch.
I wanted to use a small rocker switch that would be concealed in the cabinet, but my wise husband convinced me to go with a timer switch in the wall which he installed. I can turn on the fan for a set time and not have to worry about coming back and turning it off. It just turns its self off.
Thanks honey!

We purchased a small metal fan from Walmart for $10 and carefully took it apart. Then we pulled the back off the box that houses the drying racks. We cut down this back board so it would be able to fit the inside dimensions of the box. This allowed us to screw it in from the inside so if ever need be we could replace it. Using the fan cage as a template I traced a circle and cut out the hole. Then we sandwiched the back board between the fan front and back cages.

Les then hardwired it and hooked up to our switch. Now after I load up my sweaters and hand washables I just push the switch and the fan purrs while it drys our clothes!!
It works great!

If you make sweater drying racks like mine I highly recommend making sure you have enough air circulation. But adding a fan is simple enough!!
Thanks for stopping by.  


dee dee said...

You are sooooo smart! Love everything you have done in this room. And I must say I really love it when I am on Pinterest and run into your laundry room on a search board! I am like "that is my cool friend... I "know" her!" You should be so proud. And I think it is cute you think it is "easy to add a fan!" Only if you are as smart as you and Les! Can't wait to hear more about your upcoming photo shoot! I think once Better Homes get there they will want to do a whole spread on your fabulous house and projects!!!!!

Unknown said...

This is ridiculously fabulous! The question I have is: How did you get the wiring behind the cabinet? Did you go through your daughter's wall again?

whitnee said...

This is such an awesome idea. I love how it doesn't look like a drying rack. How long does it usually take for the clothes to dry? I see that you have a timer for one hour and was wondering if that is usually enough? Do you put them in straight from the washer?

Unknown said...

Has the epoxy glaze yellowed?

Jessica said...

This is pure genius!!