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Friday, November 21, 2014

YW in Excellence Oscar Night

In case I haven't mentioned it before, I work with the Young Women at church. Every year we have a program called Young Women in Excellence. It's a night to celebrate the girls achievements they have made that year in a goal setting program called Personal Progress.  
 We  decided to do an Oscars Night theme!!  
It was so much fun and turned out so well I just had to share it!! 

First we sent out invitations to each girl. We used black envelopes with a gold wax seal.
Just in case you can't read it, it says:

Young Women in Excellence
Presents a red carpet event
The Oscars
Join us in celebration of the best of 2014
in the categories of Faith, Divine Nature, Individual Worth, Knowledge, Choice and Accountability, Good Works, Integrity and Virtue
Formal Dress (for Nominee's)
Sunday Dress for Guests

Nominee's need to be dropped off at the north doors of the church that evening.

Before the girls arrived we decorated the cultural hall with lots of gold and glitter.
We also had cupcakes decorated with sparkly gold frosting and fancy glasses. We had little black gift boxes with sparkly gold bows; each contained a gift/award for each girl. We decorated a podium with gold metallic material on the stage and draped the coolest Oscar silhouette that one of the leaders made. We set up a screen on the stage and had red carpet stairs leading up to it. We also set up a small table for each girl who was receiving her actual Young Women's Medallion that night, to display some of her talents.  It all looked so beautiful.

We enlisted the help of the Young Men to be our Paparazzi. We gave them each press passes they could turn in for a treat later.
  (Food will get those boys every time!!)
Out front we had blocked off a couple of parking stalls in front of the doors with orange cones.
There was a red carpet from the drop off point to the door. Our Paparazzi were on both sides of the red carpet yelling and taking photo's with flashes going off everywhere.

Each girl was escorted from their car to the photo op station inside.
 Eldon (one of the other leaders husbands) or Branden (my youngest son) were the escorts.  
They were both dressed up in formal wear.

For the photo op we put up some black paper with a large photo of the temple on it. Each girl came in and stood in front of it and had her picture taken by our photographer. 
Once all the girls had arrived and they and their families were all seated, we had a lovely program.  I was lucky enough to be the MC. I introduced the presenters, which were the advisors for the Beehives, Mia Maids, and Laurels. We watched these awesome videos of each class. 
 (We previously had taken video each girl talking about her personal progress and her testimony. ) Those video's were tear jerkers!!! Gosh I love these girls. 
During our program we awarded the one girl who had finished her Personal Progress and had a separate video just about her. We ended the night eating yummy cupcakes and giving each girl their gift. We had made necklaces with "I'm being perfected through Christ" etched on one side and their name on the other! 

This night turned out awesome, and the girls looked so beautiful.
We encouraged the girls to barrow a formal dress or find a second hand formal.
Here's a photo of most of our lovely girls!!!

It was so much fun. 
 We as leaders dressed up too!! Here's my two girls and I in our formals!!  
(I think Em is just a tad excited!!)

I can't take credit for this awesome idea, this was totally a group effort!!
These lovely ladies made this happen!!

(Sadly one of our ladies had to work this night, so she is not pictured, but she totally was part of the success!)
I work with the best group of Young Women's leader!!
Thanks for stopping by!


Becky said...

I made it on your blog! WOOHOO! I feel like a celebrity! :) We had such a fun night. And the girls seemed to have a good time too.

Unknown said...

That was fabulous!! That is the absolute BEST idea for the YW that I have ever heard of in my entire life!!! You leaders are spectacular!! What a boost to their self-esteem!!

You should send this to Church headquarters for the YW general church presidency!!
Love, Diane Henson

Unknown said...

You did a fantastic job for the girls! What a self-esteem builder!!! I think the YW general presidency would LOVE to see this!

Love, Diane

Unknown said...

What an awesome YW in Excellence! Thanks for sharing... :)

Emma said...

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