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Friday, December 5, 2014

Glam room - Looking Up!!

Last time, I left you looking at a freshly painted room in need of some trim!!

I trimmed out the cubbies I built, the window, and Les helped me add crown molding around the ceiling.  
Before I show you all of that, let's look up; up at the ceiling.  
We actually look at the ceiling a lot in a bedroom,
 I mean how many times do we lay on the bed and stare at the ceiling?  

Every time I do a room I say,
 "This time I'm going to do something with the ceiling."  
But it seems I get tired, it's just not a good idea, or I just chicken out!!!
Not this time. 
This time I was determined I was going to dress up the ceiling!!
I started with a plain white ceiling and a common flush mount light fixture. I wanted to add some drama and depth. A dark rectangle was my solution. I figured out how big I wanted my rectangle then I marked it out on the ceiling with a yardstick and pencil. Then I taped it off.
I painted the inside of my ceiling rectangle a darker gray. 
 (This is actually the color I had on hand and used to create the wall color in my last post here.  Using the same paint ensured that the two colors would look good together.)

Once I pulled down the tape I had a huge grey rectangle in the sky!!
I wasn't sure if I liked it, but I told myself to just follow through with my plan.  
So, next I used some simple door trim painted white and framed out the rectangle.  
You can see how it turned out in just a minute.
Let me just say, trim transforms everything!!!

Before I show you that, 
I want to talk about changing out that boring light fixture.
Long ago I had picked up this old dirty chandelier at the Restore for $10. 
Can I say Emilee was not thrilled about this light fixture. 
 She thought it was ugly and not sure why I wanted to put it in her room. 
 But I could see past the dirt and grime to it's true beauty.  
Here's the before.

One day I told Em to come help me clean her light. 
 We took the whole thing apart and gave it a super great cleaning. 
 I covered the candle covers with stainless steal vinyl and put that baby all back together.

 I will let you in on a little secret,
 this is not plastic, 
it is glass!!  
Can you say sparkle?
This chandelier looks like a million bucks now!! 

 I love how it catches the light.
We installed it with a 10" ceiling medallion I bought at Salvation Army for $2.
Million dollar look for $12!!!
Notice the auradescent light bulbs.
 The bumpy texture throws the light into a beautiful pattern on the ceiling at night.
This chandelier came with these light bulbs, but you can get them at Walmart.

Let's compare before and after I glamorized the bones of this room.
-Painted the yellow fire alarm a crisp white
-Painted and trimmed out the gray rectangle
-Added new sparkly chandelier
-Crown molding
-Trimmed out window

Here is a close up of the window trim detail.

Here is another view so you can see the trimmed out cubbies.

Don't you think it's looking glamorous?

 Now I can work on filling up this room with glam details.
I am so glad I didn't chicken out on my ceiling plans this time!
I love this ceiling detail.
 It really makes the over all look and feel of the room.
  I like how the darker area sets off the chandelier.
 I must say, working with a ceiling can be challenging, especially to your neck!!
 Looking up and working against gravity is not easy.
  But I think it's worth it.

Thanks for stopping by!!


Jennifer Schmitz said...

Wow. Its really coming along. The ceiling and the window trim look great!

Net, the Movie Blogger said...

Your chandelier is exquisite! It always feels amazing to change up a space and make it look beautiful in our homes! Lovely job! God bless! Net