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Monday, December 1, 2014

Glam Room - Making cubbies and painting!!

Last time I showed you Em's new closet.
Once I finished the new closet, I turned my attention to the lovely hole in the middle of the wall.  Since Emilee's closet is the smallest in the house, I didn't really have room to put a tower for bins inside the closet. Here she could store socks, under garments, and such. Her cubby tower would just have to be outside the closet!!!
I was on a tight budget, 
(That is no surprise!)
So I looked through what we had in the huge pile of leftover wood.  
After measuring, I determined I could make this cubby out of some oak pieces we had.  
Would you be surprised if I told you they were what was salvaged from the furniture piece I ran into when I drove into the garage wall?
 (Yeah, go here for a quick reminder.)
Would be even more surprised to remember it was the left over piece from the unit I bought second hand for the office built-ins?
 (Go here for that quick reminder.)
So now that I had my wood, I built it pretty much like the shoe tower in the closet. The only real difference was the shelf edges. The wood I was using was actually plywood with an oak vernier. So the edges are ugly plywood. I had to cut small strips of MDF to attach to the front of each shelf. This time my edges would be covered, so I just drew the shelf placement right on the wood.

The outside of my box, was not too much to look at. It had groves, scratches, and unfinished sections.  I didn't really care because once installed you would never see it. I used a thin board, salvaged from the same piece of furniture, for the back of my box.
 Les helped me install that baby and it successfully fit!!!
It looks a little ragged I know, but stick with me and it will turn out good!!

Now it was time to paint the walls.
Wait, first I spent a day patching holes!!!
Did I mention I had let the girls use push pins to hang a few things up, and they started hanging all their drawings on the wall with push pins.
 I think I patched ONE MILLION holes!!!
The walls were so patchy I just primed the entire room!!!!
Then it was time to paint.
I wanted a grey color.
So first I went to the garage in Batchelor Way style and looked through our paint stash. I found a few gallons of medium grey paint but it was too dark. I grabbed whatever white paint I had and started mixing. I just kept adding white, stirring, painting a sample on the wall, letting it dry, and repeat. Over and over until I liked the color.
Here is the final result!!

I know everyone always asks for my paint color,
 Kilz Casual Colors Platinum Ring is a very close match!
It's very light and classy.  

Next time the trim goes up and a special ceiling project!!!!

Thanks for stopping by!!

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