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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Glam Room - Pull up a Chair!

Long, long ago. 
In a Galaxy far, far away.

Like five years ago. 
I bought this killer chair!!
(Really here is the post.)
I bought this bad girl for $7, and have hung onto it for all these years!!  
But now it is finally time to transform this baby!!

You may notice the tape on the back leg, it's a little cracked, but I got it covered.
 I used a syringe to squeeze wood glue into the crack and shot a few strategically placed brad nails into it.
Good as new!!

Now let's start this makeover.
Here is a close up.
You can see a few of the stains and how the cushion is kinda flat.
First I had to take off that ugly mauve 80's coat.
 See all those decorative nail heads?
 Each one had to come off!!
  But I persevered!!  

OK, I persevered, because the girls helped me!!  
There were a lot of nails!!!
Thanks girls!!!

After the nails were all out, I took off the mauve material one piece at a time. As always I took lots of pictures, to help me remember how to put it back together. Once the material was removed I lightly sanded the wood parts, sprayed a coat of primer, followed by a few coats of white paint.
 Oh, I forget to mention I spray painted the tips of the legs silver; just to dress her up!!!
Then I lightly distressed the edges with sandpaper.
(Because I have kids, I know things will get banged and dinged. So I just start them out that way so the new distressing will just blend in.)

I once again used the old cover as pattern pieces.  
(You can look at this post, this post, this post, this post, or this post to see more of this process). 
I bought this awesome Zebra print on clearance for $27. It's a white vinyl with black flocked zebra stripes. This chair had unfinished edges. I chose to cover the stapled edges with decorative braid. I just used a glue gun to attache it to the chair. 

I also had to replace the foam in the super flat cushion. I only used a few silver nail heads to keep the fabric in place. Too many nail heads would compete with that Zebra print. 

Here she is in her new skins!!

Here is a breakdown of what she cost:
Chair $7 (DI)
Zebra Fabric $27 (clearance Jo Ann's)
Foam $20 (Coupon Jo Ann's)
Braid $12 (Coupon Jo Ann's)
Tacks $2 (Lowe's)
Total $68
I think this chair would have cost me at least $200, so that's a savings for $132!!!
Em really wanted Zebra print in her room. This was the perfect way to bring it in with out over doing it. It's really fun and classy looking at the same time.
Here's a before and after shot, just to see the transformation.

What do you think?
I think I am getting pretty good at reupholstering.  I hope I inspire someone out there to try it.
 If we push ourselves to try new things, I think we will be surprised at what we can do!!

Anyway, I am moving on to the next project!
Can't wait to show you!!!!

Thanks for stopping by!!


Nana said...

This is a really beautiful and funky chair. I love it. I hope mine is next!

momtofatdogs said...

This is fantastic! I am not a huge fan of animal prints, but honestly you did make this fun!!


BionicMom said...

Wow ! I totally LOVE this chair !
You are so resourceful !
I shop a lot in thrifts stores; recycle, repurpose, and share is my motto !!
And I adore power tools !! Screw driver and tool-box are pink !
Keep up your great work. Looking forward to read your blog.

Rural Montreal, Canada