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Monday, January 12, 2015

Glam Room - Nightstands

When the girls were born my neighbor gave me these two small dressers/night stands. I replaced the handles with these lovely gold handles. 
 (Yes, I picked them out, long ago!)
They really needed to be repainted back then, but I just had twins who were child number 4 and 5!!  
Yeah, I never got around to repainting them.  
Over the years the paint job looked worse and worse. Stickers were applied by some anonymous little girls, that pulled off paint when they were ripped off. They are basically not pretty to look at anymore. 
 But.... they are solid wood and have functioned very well over the years.
No brainer, they just needed to be redone!!!
Operation Nightstands begins. 

They needed a new paint job because the old paint job was very badly chipped, especially on the top.  I needed a flat surface for a new paint job to look good so I striped all the old paint off .

Stripping furniture is not my favorite job!! 
 But I spent a couple of days getting all that old yucky paint off.
If you follow me on Instagram you remember this!

By now I had a plan, but I would need very smooth drawer fronts. So I filled all the holes, dents and scratches over and over, trying to get the smoothest fronts I could get.

Once everything was sanded smooth and wiped down I was ready to paint. I used white semi gloss paint and painted everything, including the long strips of trim in the back of the photo on the saw horses. 
 I do have a plan, stick with me!!

I am sure you won't be surprised to hear my plan is centered around something I found at the second hand store, DI. One day I was out with my friend DI hopping, 
(one of my favorite past times)
She showed me a roll of paper she found that appeared to be mirrored contact paper.
"Buy it." she said, "You will think of something great to do with it."
What else could I do but buy the roll for $1?
Fast forward to my nightstands reno; perfect project to try it out on. As far as I can tell it's called Mirror Roll. I think you can Google it and buy some on Amazon.
Anyway here is what I did with mine.
1.  One side has grid lines and the other side has mirrored paper. I measured each drawer front and subtracted about 3/4".
2.  I cut out the proper size from the mirror roll for the drawer front.
3.  Peeled back an inch or two of the grid backing paper.
(You may notice I only painted the first inch or so of the drawer front.)

4.  I lined up the mirror roll and stuck it down.
5.  I got a rag to smooth the mirror roll as I went.
6.  I slowly pulled the backing off a little at a time until I had the whole piece firmly attached.

Now I was ready to add the trim. Remember I already painted the trim, so I cut four pieces with mitered corners, to fit the drawer front. Once I dry fitted them I attached them with very small brad nails. I used the grid backing paper to protect the mirror roll while I was attaching the trim. 
 (Note that this mirror roll scratches easily, so take care during installation.)
This trim would help hold the mirror roll in place, by covering all the raw edges as well as dress things up a bit. 

One drawer at a time!! 
 I was liking where this plan of mine was going!!
Once all the drawers were done I filled all the nail holes and miter gaps with caulk and touched up with paint!!

Now it was time for the knobs or should I say jewelry?
I found the perfect knobs at D Lawless Hardware I love their selection.
Are these not glamorous?
And only $1.47 each.

I could hardly wait to get them installed once they arrived.
I think they look marvelous. A perfect match.
Here is the finished nightstand!!
(Instagram followers had a sneak peak at this. Are you following me yet?)

I think a little trim, paint, paper and knobs really transformed these nightstands into Super Glam!!! 
If you have any questions I would love to hear them!!
 It's kind of a different project. 
 Many people ask if I cut the mirror, it really reflects well. 

I hope this inspires you to try a new project with mirror roll or what ever you find! 
I also just wanted to share how our real life DIYing and blogging go around here. I often ask one of the kids to take pictures of something I am doing. It's hard to do and take a selfie with tools in your hands. I asked Branden to take pictures of me doing one drawer. I just told him to take lots of pictures, that way I can usually get a few good ones in focus. In between steps my kids entertain themselves, often with the camera. I later see all kinds of pictures they took. Branden's selfies were just too cute not to share!!
What do your kids do while you are DIYing?

Thanks for stopping by!!

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My So Called DIY Blog said...

Whoa! I would have never guessed that was contact paper. The whole dresser looks amazing! I'm totally going to look for some mirror roll now.

Unknown said...

I'm having a hard time finding how to follow your blog. It let's me one + it but I can't see anywhere to follow so I get notified of new posts.. A little embarrassing given that a 23 year old shouldn't already have problems with the "Internets". Anyways, do I need to have a blogger profile to follow you??

Cocoanlace said...

Came out great. I'd try this but I had difficulty, and never finished, installing 16 inch squares of reflective film onto my French style windows in all my rooms (to cut the heat). I cut crooked, then I have trouble getting the film to lay flat, without bubbles. I envy your abilities. :-)

Unknown said...

This project was amazing. You did an incredible job.

Unknown said...

This project was amazing. You did an incredible job.

Cristina Garay said...

Ronda, this project, as usual, it's just Gorgeous!

Debbie said...

Wow....that turned out so pretty! Great job!

lvblack said...

Absolutely stunning!!!! fabulous job

Carli-Made by Carli said...

Brilliant! Love this!

Jan said...

Hi, visiting from Thrifty Decor Chick. Love your project! I wish I had the patience and talent to do something like that. I can't even bring myself to paint over an accent wall in this house I moved into in July and don't like (a metallic pea green, yikes!) I would never have guessed that was not mirror, or highly polished aluminum or something similar. Mirror "contact paper" -- had no idea!

Unknown said...

Brilliant. And adorable. What do my kiddos do while I diy? They ask lots of questions! And they usually end up helping. ;)

controlling craziness said...

Amazing! It looks like a totally different dresser, what a transformation! Great job! I hope I score some Mirror roll the next time I am thrifting.

Unknown said...

WOW, awesome redo. I am looking for ideas for a salon work station. I think this Mirror Roll is the answer to the interior. Thanks for the idea. DC Houston Texas

Unknown said...

WOW! What a transformation!!! I love them!!!

Robin said...

Beautiful! Just curious if it has kept its beauty through the year?? Ha it been pretty durable? As your blog stated that it scratches easily...