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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

I have never chosen a word for the year. 
 I love how all these people come up with these wonderful words to live by each year. 
 But my eyes would just glaze over word after word, just black letters on the page of my dictionary. It seemed impossible to pick "A" word and knowing me, I would just totally forget about it after a couple of weeks. So I have never really bothered. 
 this year a word chose me.  
I know it sounds weird but I just knew a few days before the New Year I knew that my word was STRONG.  

Strong like building up my muscles, but more than that.  
Strong emotionally and spiritually as well.  
Strong so I can let negativism bounce off me.  
Strong so I can build anything I want. 
Strong so I will feel healthy.
 Strong so I can help others. 
Strong so I can cry. 
Strong so I can be at peace with myself.  
Strong so I can quit worrying what others think of me.  
Strong so I am in control.
Strong so I can teach my children better.
Strong so I can build a better marriage.
Strong so I can know my Heavenly Father better.

It's only the first week of the year and multiple times I have heard, "Be strong," in my mind as I have been faced with daily struggles. 
 It calms me and helps me think, "What action will make me stronger here?"  
So for the first time I have a word,

I already feel stronger!!!

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