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Monday, February 23, 2015

Rustic Charm Room - On the Search! How I start my built ins

We are diving into Ashlee's room now.
I'm going to surround the window with built ins and
I really want to share more of how we find and build our "modge podge" built ins. 
 I want to let you see how we find odd and mismatched pieces and then turn them into lovely built-ins like in the Office.

 and the laundry room.

  Anyone can do it, with a patience and attention to detail.
So where do I start?
I start with measuring the space and a rough idea of what I want for the end result. 
 In Ashlee's room I knew I wanted a window seat and book shelves flanking either side of the window. Because of the measurements, I knew I was looking for items that were 36" wide or smaller.
Then we start searching local Craig's lists, second hand stores, the Restore. Any place that might have pieces that will fit. The key is to look at lots of options and be flexible. I called on about 10-12 adds and looked at about three of them in person. We also checked out a few second hand stores and the Restore. Ashlee's room needed both sides of the window to balanced.   

 Before I ever started this room I had come across a cool arch at the Restore; I'm sure it was taken out of someones kitchen. I bought it and all the matching trim I could find for $5. A few months later my sister was getting rid of a 7 foot oak bookshelf, so I brought it home and stored it in the garage.
When I was ready to start the built ins I made a scale drawing of that wall and scale drawings of the arch and the bookshelf. I then cut my bookshelf drawing in half because in real life we were going to be cutting that bookshelf in half. I took my pieces and would play with my drawing when ever I found new pieces to see how they would all fit together. 

While searching, we found an add for a whole bunch of free cabinets. Unfortunately none of them would work. But there was a small weird upper cabinet that we thought might work as the window seat. It seemed small but we took it any ways, it was free!!!
The search went on!!
I found a few options for the bottom cabinets, but in the end I opted for two matching bathroom base cabinets. I bought them used for $30 each, $60 total. 

After all of that I had my main pieces: the free bookshelf, the arch, the base cabinets and the free window seat. I had only spent $65 so far.

Now we just have to put it all together.

If you are going to do some modge podge built ins, just remember to think outside the box. How can you alter a piece to make it fit? I will show you how to fill in the gaps and add detail to make it all look good.
thanks for stopping by.

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