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Monday, March 9, 2015

Rustic Charm - Window seat creation

All the pieces to our builts in are in place except for the window seat.  
So let's get to it!!
First, I determined where I wanted the window seat to be.  
I know you are thinking, 
"Duh, under the window and between the cabinets!!"
But I had to decide if I wanted it flush with the cabinet fronts or set back.  
I wanted the seat to be as deep as possible for maximum comfort, but Les and I both thought it looked better set back. I also had to determine how tall I wanted it. Once I had all the measurements, I got to work building. I pulled back the carpet and cleaned off the floor.

The toe kick is like a mini framed wall turned on it's side. I usually let Les do the framing, but this time I was determined to do it myself. I measured and cut the whole thing carefully. I needed this to be taller so I used 2x6's instead of 2x4's. I really struggled with getting those long nails in with out bending them or taking an hour per nail. 
 (That's why Les usually does this!!)
I worked smarter though and pre-drilled all my nail holes and they went in like butter! 
Or maybe I am just getting super strong!!  

I was feeling so super woman-like!!!
I felt even better when I put it in place and it fit right!!!
Then I started to install it.
Either the floor was really crooked or my toe kick was warped or both!! 
 But this thing was not laying flat on the floor!! 
 I attempted to shim it and screw it to the floor with no success!!!
As I lay on the floor pretty much about ready to cry, in walks my hero!!!
He assured me it could still work.  
He just used his brute strength and attached it to the floor in such a way that it untwisted!!!!
(I guess I just need to work out a little more!)

After the toe kick was in place it was easy sailing!
I set my "free" cabinet, which I am pretty sure was a small upper kitchen cabinet in it's previous home,
onto the toe kick and screwed it down and to the side cabinets.
Now here is where you have to get creative and pay attention to details to make these modge podge built ins work. This cabinet and the new toe kick were about two inches smaller than the opening.  I centered the cabinet and made two 1 inch fillers for either end.
Then I added a 1/4 inch thick piece of wood to the front of the toe kick which covered the gap on either end.

(Pay no attention to that dirt in the corner of the cabinet.  Gross!! )
( I hadn't vacuumed the cabinet out yet, it had leaves and dirt in it when I got it!! 
Don't judge me!! It will all be cleaned up in the end!
Any way it's beginning to look like built ins, right?

I mentioned earlier that I had to determine where to place the window seat. Below you can see that the cabinet didn't extend back all the way to the wall. I added a cleat to the wall and was ready for the actual seat to be installed.

I made the seat out of 3/4 inch MDF.
Sorry no picture of that yet, but stay tuned and
watch this baby finish taking shape!!

Thanks for stopping by!!


Unknown said...

This project inspired me to get busy in my guest/office room. I have been surfing Craigslist for the components and we now have half (the wall bed half) installed. It is used but cheap (and a bear to reassemble) and now I have some valuable floor space when my guest room is not occupied. Since I live in Las Vegas, house guests are frequent though :) Thanks again for your inspiration.

Unknown said...

Oops...should have signed that. Julie from Las Vegas