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Monday, April 6, 2015

Brag Book!!!

OK it's time for me to brag about my awesome kids!
  I can't help it, the most important thing I do is being their MOM!
So here's me at my best bragging on my kids!!
The girls just finished months of rehearsal for the Junior High musical, Legally Blonde.
 They each had to try out and then spend long hours learning songs and dances, oh and their lines!!
First, Emilee had many parts. She was a sorority girl, cheerleader, and girl in a work out video.  I loved seeing her dance and sing on stage, she is such a beautiful girl.  I think it was a real confidence booster. She has a lovely voice but a little shy about it.
(She's going to kill me for the dancing action shot below!!)

Ashlee had one part, but it was a supporting lead named Vivienne Kensington.  
She played a mean girl!!  
Anyone who knows Ash, knows this was far from who she is. 
 But she pulled it off. Her friends were surprised that she could act that mean.
(That's good I think!)
Weirdest part was watching my little girl get proposed to on stage, and then kissing the dude!!
Thought Dad was a little shocked!!
(Since it was a stage kiss, I am still considering her un-kissed!!)

The best part of watching Ash was her solo.
  She surprised everyone by singing loud and clear.  Good job for my 13 year old actress.
I had to include a video, mostly for Grandma who lives far away and couldn't be here!!

I love watching my kids grow and develop their talents. 
 Each one tries new things and spreads their wings a little farther!! 

Love my two girls and so grateful to be their MOM!!

Thanks for stopping by!!

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dee dee said...

Hi Lady,

I was just scrolling through Facebook and one of my local friends had liked your video of your laundry redo (which was wonderful BTW). As I am scrolling I see your sweet face on my screen! Just love it, you seem to pop up all over! What an inspiration you are both as a DYI-er and mom! Have a blessed day my friend!
Dee Dee