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Monday, April 20, 2015

Rustic Charm Bedroom- Crown

Last part of Ashlee's built ins is adding the crown molding.
 I wanted the crown to go all the way a round the room. 
The crown that came with the arch barely covered the built ins, so I decided to use some other crown I bought at the ReStore.  
(If I find a good amount of crown molding I almost always buy it.)
  Any way, it seamed a little small scaled for the room. I like to use what I have so I just decided to beef it up.  Remember my stash of 16 foot MDF boards
Well, I used them again.  
I installed them flat on the ceiling around the perimeter of the room.
Next, I called Les in for back up,
 'cause crown molding is a two person job around here!!  

I primed and painted all the trim before I install it. After it is in place I just caulk and touched up the seams and nail holes. It's much easier than trying to paint the whole thing on the ceiling.

I am loving it!
Crown molding takes things to a new level; makes it seem nicer I think!!

Next time I tackle that ugly boob light!

Thanks for stopping by!!

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Unknown said...

That is such an easy trick to making moldings seem thicker and is MUCH more cost effective too! Hate boob lighting too! lol...you go girlie!