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Monday, May 25, 2015

Rustic Charm Bedroom - How to make your head board taller Part 1

Let's go back in time, before we start today's project. 
Remember in my first post about Ashlee's room revamp?
I wanted a taller headboard for her. Let's look closer into why?
Em and Ash have shared a room for most of their lives, 
(shocker that twins shared a room!)
Emilee's half of the bunk bed is in front of the window. 

It was perfect and I felt no need to see more of it. 
A taller headboard would have just blocked the light. 
 (I am a light person.)
So I just gave it another coat of white paint!!
But Ashlee's bed was positioned on a blank wall and needed more presence.
I am adding a box spring beneath the mattress, which means only a sliver of the head board would show. And once I put some pretty pillows on the bed there would be none of it showing!!
Buying a new bed seemed dumb since I had a perfectly good one, besides, I liked how high the bed rails were off the ground for extra storage. 
So I just decided to make some minor changes to this here bed!!

I wanted to get rid of that awkward peg that was used to connect the bunk beds.
 I wanted to paint it a fun bright color, and I wanted to raise the head board a lot!!!

Challenge one, and definitely the hardest, was how to make this baby taller!!
(Behind the scenes I spent some time working this out in my brain, and even borrowing other's brains!!)
Once I had a plan in mind I set out to find what I needed.
I wanted a square post the same dimensions as the bed posts.
Sounds easy, 
Any lumber I could find was too big including landscaping timbers. I decided I would just have to cut something down. But I made one last ditch effort and stopped by my favorite second hand store DI.  
I felt my heart beat double when I saw this awesome bed!!

Maybe it didn't look super awesome, OK it looked crappy with it's worn finish and rickety connections, but I was only looking at the posts!!
I measured and believe it or not they were the same size as my bed posts!!
(Cue the singing DIY Angles!!)
To make it even better the bed frame was only $10. 
The lumber I was heading to Lowe's to buy was going to cost well over that!!
(BatchelorsWay note, always keep measurements with you. I keep mine on my phone, then you will always be able to know if that super deal will work. Also look outside the box. Look for alternate sources for wood and fabric at second hand stores. This is how to save tons on money!!)

First step was to disassemble the bed frame I had just bought. 
 (Of course I didn't throw away the metal part, I'm sure I can use it later on something!!)
Once I had the wood posts I needed to test my technique.
I made a sample by cutting a section apart and seaming it back together.

After waiting a day for it to dry I tested this thing and it was solid!!
So I went forward with my plan!
I wanted to retain the feet so it would still match the foot board. So I cut a few inches above the foot. Measure so you can get both sides the same. I had a helper and we cut the legs off on our chop saw. Next I used a square to help me mark the middle of the posts. Find a spade drill bit that is just slightly larger than your dowel and drill a hole about 1 1/2 inches in all post ends.

Next I cut the new wood posts that I was going to insert. I wanted to add 20 inches of height, so I cut the new post 20 inches. Once I had holes drilled in the center of all the posts I cut dowels about 2 3/4 inches and inserted them in the holes. They actually turned out to be about a paper's thickness difference between the old and new posts. So I rotated the two pieces until I got the straightest looking posts. Then I marked a line across the seams. This way I could line things up easily while gluing it up.

I used a generous amount of wood glue in the holes and glued all the post sections together and let it sit flat so it could dry really well.  
Like a day!!
I think it's looking pretty good!!

Now I had to add one more piece of MDF so there would be solid support from the top of the mattress up. I just used my Kreg Jig to attached it.

What do you think?  
I know I must be crazy!!!!
So far I have only spent $10 on the used bed frame, the dowel and MDF scrap I just had leftover from other projects.
Next time we will see how well my plan worked.

Thanks for stopping by!

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Emma said...

I love your low cost diy ideas! I have often wondered how to make a headboard taller. Can't wait to see the finished room.