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Monday, May 4, 2015

Rustic Charm Bedroom - Nightstand remake

I am so excited to show you today's project,
Ashlee's nightstand!!
I actually picked up this nightstand at a secondhand store called DI (Deseret Industries) about three years ago.
 (I thought I was going to get to Ashlee's room a lot sooner!!)
It was only $4 and I loved the details. 
But it needed a little love!
First, it didn't have a handle. 
Second, you can't tell from this picture but it had a really bad paint job!!
But the third problem was the biggest problem, 
it was too short!!!

I like the nightstand to be the same height as the mattress or slightly taller. 
It just makes sense if you think about the function. 
This nightstand was about 6 inches too short.   
I thought about adding longer legs, but these were not easy legs to add too.
I decided my only option was to add to the top.
Kinda like I did to my mother's nightstands.

I started by taking the top off. 
 (Really easy, just unscrewed the 4 or 5 screws.)
Next, I decided it would look weird with the drawer in the middle for this style, 
so I cut the support out and smoothed the edges with filler and sanded. 

I then added a platform made of MDF and then sides. 
 I wanted to mimic the bottom curves of the front corners. 
remember the 80's trim we ripped off the bookshelf we used for Ashlee's built-ins?
 (Here is a quick reminder Beginning the Built Ins.
I used that rounded trim to make my new corners.
(They are the oak pieces I added in the above photo.)
Last of all, I moved the drawer glide up.
There is a a groove detail running up the side of the nightstand, so I added a small stick of trim to mimic it.
I finished it off by reattaching the top!!
What do you think?
Here is a side by side of before and after.
(All the wood was from my scrap pile.)

OK, let's finish this transformation.
I gave the body a good sanding.
I actually used paint stripper on the top and the drawer front; they had really drippy bad paint jobs. Surprisingly, I found that the very top of this night stand was laminate. 
The paint stripper did not harm the surface.
  I now had a great creme colored top that was impervious to wet glasses or water bottles!
This is a kid's room so I was very excited.
Next up was paint!!
Remember I have very neutral walls and built ins, 'cause I want to add lots of color with accessories and furniture.
 So I picked Sonora Rose by Valspar.
I wanted a a coral color and had this free paint sample from last summer.
 Don't you just love it?

I wanted it to really pop, so I painted it two tone. The inside, top, and details are creamy white. It was gorgeous, but too crisp and new looking for Ash's room; brown glaze to the rescue.
You can see the glazing detail in the photo's below.
Loving it!!!

Oh and remember my missing handle? 
 As it turns out the spacing was odd; the holes were a non-standard width.  
Lucky for me D.Lawless Hardware carries a few non-standard handles for very good prices!!
  If you need hardware, I would recommend them. 
This is a link to my handle at D.Lawless Hardware it cost 95 cents.
I don't think the original pull could have looked better than this one!! 
It is perfect.  

Here's a good look at the finished transformation!

I found this awesome gray tote at Ross for only $7.99. 
 It fits perfectly in the lower opening.

I am really happy with how this turned out! 
 I love the color and the height is perfect. 

What did it cost?
Handle........................... $.95
Wood from scrap........... Free
Coral paint..........Free sample
Creme paint and primer leftover from other projects
Total cost         $4.95

Just goes to show you, where there is a will there's a way!!

What do you think?
 And what height do you like your nightstand at?
Or do you even care?

Thanks for stopping by!!

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Katrina Mick said...

You make my Mondays!! I look forward every Monday to your posts! I would have never thought to add height to the night stand. I agree with you that the night stand needs to be taller than the mattress, that way you can see the alarm clock...and ignore it. Great job. I can't wait to see the whole room!!

Anonymous said...

This is very timely. I just acquired a beautiful, but short side table and I am also planning to make it taller. It was fun to see how you did yours. Love it!

Unknown said...

I vote at least the height of the mattress if not a little taller! And color me stunned! Raise the roof? Really? I've been trying to figure out how to make my nightstand taller for quite the while now. You are certifiable! Umm...in a good way of course ;) As an avid reader, I will add a shelf under there to hold even more books so thanks for the extra storage idea too!!!!

Megan B said...

You did an AMAZING job with this nightstand....love how creative you are! Thanks for posting this idea! I don't like short night stands either. :)

Nana said...

I love that you are related to me and share your talents with your children. I know they feel special because of it. Happy Mothers Day!

Cristina Garay said...

It's just AMAZING! I love the way you solved the height problem, and that color is awesome!