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Monday, June 1, 2015

Rustic Charm Bedroom - How to make your Head Board taller- Part 2

Last time we left this headboard drying after gluing up my new post inserts. I now needed to turn my attention to all the little details. 
(You know I always say, It's all in the details!)
I enlisted the help of my daughter, Em.
First I measured and drilled new holes for the bed rails. Then I needed to fill all the old holes in my posts.  I used dowel plugs in the bigger holes then filled them with wood filler. 
I  also added one more board between the new legs just to stabilize the headboard. You won't see this board as it will be covered by the mattress and box springs.

The point where my new and old post met was going to visible, due to a slight variation in the dimensions of the posts.  I didn't just want to paint them. So I dug through my scrap pile looking for some sort of trim.

Found it!!
I once picked up a bunch of 2' sticks of this wood beading trim. I cut off just the bead on my table saw, leaving me with sticks of half round pieces of trim.

I used it to trim out the post right at the junctions.
Problem solved!

About now I was realizing that my posts were not stable enough. My dowel system from my last post was OK, but there was movement in them; they just weren't super solid. So I brought in my other half!! Les thought adding small dowels at an angle would help. He drilled into the posts at an angle, deep enough to penetrate both old and new posts. Then he inserted a glue covered dowel and cut it off.

We let it dry, and still there was too much movement in the  posts!!!
So not only did my plan FAIL,
but his plan FAILED
So we put our brains together and came up with a new plan!!
We drilled small pilot holes at an angle, again penetrating through both old and new posts. Then we used a long drill bit, starting out straight and then at an angle, creating a pocket for our screw head.

Then we screwed in a long thin screw. We did this on all for sides of each joint.
These posts are as strong as if they were one solid piece of wood!!
Just goes to show you, if at first you don't succeed, try, try again!!

While I had Les I asked him to cut off these annoying pegs.
(It takes me three times as long to saw things as him. Yeah he's kinda STRONG!)
After that baby was off I just sanded that thing smooth!!
Next time I will show you this finished bed!!!
Thanks for stopping by!!

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