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Monday, June 29, 2015

Rustic Charm Bedroom - Magnetic Board

Ashlee loves drawing, just like all her siblings. 
I definitely needed a place for her to display some of her drawings and special notes or pictures. 
 It is a teenagers room!!
I loved Em's magnet board; no pins to fall on the floor and get stepped on. So I decided to do another magnet board.
I had a small wall that it had to fit on. So Ash's board was going to have to be hung vertical. 
My tag line is Working With What You Got, so I looked at what I had.
I had this coffee table I had pulled out of one of my neighbors trash. The glass part was missing, but that didn't stop me. I decided the top would make a great magnet board. 
I kept the bottom, I want to make a cute bench out of it someday!!

I actually like the wood tone for Ash's room so I just left it.
 (Gasp, she didn't paint it? She always paints everything!!)
(Stranger things have happened!!)
Now I just needed some tin. Believe it or not I ran down to the Restore just to see if they would have anything I could use, before I went to Home Depot to buy a new piece of sheet metal.
I found a stack of small pieces of sheet metal, they had one end crimped to create duct work out of.
They were like the exact size I needed!!!!
(Always have your measurements with you!)
I bought two and went home super happy!!
I cut off the crimped ends and glued wallpaper to one side of the metal.
I used the same wall paper I used on the ceiling medallion. I purchased it at a second hand store, $1 for the roll.
Stapled the metal on and this baby was done!! 

For magnets I bought a roll of magnet tape for $3 
and had these cool metal letters in my scrapbook stash.  (I have had these letters for years; have no idea how much they were.)
The whole alphabet was still there,
(Obviously I haven't done much scrap booking lately.)

Each metal letter already had a sticky back and so did the magnetic tape. I just cut the tape to length and pressed the two together for a few minutes. Two strips fit perfectly.

I love them!!

Just for fun I added this quirky door knocker I had laying around. Everyone thinks this is an old door turned magnet board!! They are surprised to hear it was a table top!!

Over all this was a successful project!
Ashlee loves spelling messages out on it too!!

Thanks for stopping by!

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Jenn Barton said...

I don't know how you come up with these ingenious ideas! Very impressive, I especially love the use of wallpaper and the letter magnets!