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Monday, June 22, 2015

Rustic Charm Bedroom - Under Bed Storage Boxes

We are so close to finishing up Ashlee's room
since we finished her bed!!!
(If you missed how I raised her bed you can go check that out in Raising the bed Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.) 
I want to show you an extra cool storage idea for under her bed.
One of the reasons I went to so much trouble to fix her bed was because these beds rails are pretty high off the ground. 11 inches to be exact!! 
Other beds we have had have had so little room under the rails you couldn't fit anything under the bed. I found these awesome wooden boxes at a second hand store and bought all four. I think they were around 2 or 3 dollars each. I used two under Em's bed and two under Ashlee's.They were already painted white.
I added casters so they could roll under the bed easily.

I used casters from my favorite on-line hardware store, D Lawless.
They are less than $3 for a set of four. I just screwed them to the bottom.

I think they look great. They pull out right in front of her closet, making all her clothes storage in the same area. She stores pants and things that you want stored folded in them. 
For fun I added this toile wallpaper to the bottom of each drawer. I am sure you know I got the wallpaper from a second hand store, $1.50 for the roll.

I love the function and look of this storage option. You could also use drawers from an old dresser or make boxes yourself. Just make sure your box height plus the casters are shorter than your bed rail.  

What do you think? 
 I love pretty and functional things!! 
 I know you are getting tired of hearing that from me, I just can't help it!!
Thanks for stopping by!

I was provided hardware by D Lawless Hardware, but all opinions are mine.

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Unknown said...

I personal think that under-bed storage boxes NEED to have wheels! You don't want to have to drag them across your wood floors and if they get heavy, trust me that those wheels will definitely help!