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Monday, June 15, 2015

Tool Box Planter

Congrats to
 Jessica Lloyd,
 the winner of the Laundry Ball Give-a-way from last week!!
I would love to hear what you think of the Laundry Ball!!
I love giving away stuff to my awesome readers!!!

Now let me tell you a story.

About a year or so ago I went to a sale at an old church. They were selling off everything in the church before they tore it down. I didn't find anything I really needed, so I headed out to my car.  But.... on my way a saw a small door hanging open with a wood cabinet in front of it and went over to investigate. The door opened into a small room or area in a little crawl space. 
 (You could not even stand up in it.
I noticed an old wood bench and wood tool box full of rusty nails.  
I did what any sane DIY guru would do and walked back in to see if I could buy them. They didn't even know that room was there. I think I paid $15 for the bench and cabinet, and she threw in the tool box for free!!
Next I had to figure out how to get all this stuff in my van!!
(Common problem of mine!!)
I got it all in. 
The bench is in my front room, I will show you it someday.  
The cabinet was in really bad shape, but had the coolest details on the doors, so we just pulled it apart and the pieces are awaiting the perfect project,
(I will know what that is someday in the future.)
The tool box sat in the workshop for around a year, 
until my hubby finally empty all the nails out of it. 
(When I say he emptied it I mean he sorted them all in to different containers because he doesn't throw anything away either.)
Then I decided I better do something with it before he used it as firewood.  

I just wiped it down with a little oil and I love it.
I cut flowers off my snowball bush and filled this baby up!!

I am literally in love!!

What do you think?
What treasures have you found lately?

Thanks for stopping by!


momtofatdogs said...

Tool Box is beautiful. I ahve seen them mounted on the wall & used as a quilt/blanket hanger. I like the flower "box" better!

I oredered my laundry ball last week! Excited to start using it.


dee dee said...

Girl! I love it! So beautiful... I think old tool boxes are the best! I have a old metal one I picked up at a garage sale a few years back and use it for my art supplies in my studio! Your flowers are so pretty! And don't you know it... I would be the one buying the "tool room" stuff too! Ahhh if we only lived closer ;-)!

Dee Dee