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Thursday, July 9, 2015

Nana's Day - Heading in a New direction

Nana wanted her family room in a coastal design. 
She had inherited this pie safe and wanted to keep it so we decided to use it for storage.
 It started out an orange/brown color,
 (Nana hates browns!)
but we painted it light blue and then distressed and glazed it.
I love it, 
Nana likes it too, I think?

We also added more colorful and fun knobs to her louvered doors on the utility closet. 
They are from Hobby Lobby.

This is where things slowed down!
Nana said she wanted coastal, but vetoed everything coastal I showed her!!
She was confused and I was confused.  
Interior designers have to be able to get into peoples heads in order to create a style they like and feel comfortable in. I was just having a hard time with Nana this time. I think she wasn't sure what she wanted, so it made it hard to pin down a style for this room. 

After another talk my sister thought she had it nailed down.
 When Nana went out of town we finished decorating her room.
She didn't really like it.
We took everything back and just dropped this project for awhile.
Eventually we sat down for another pow wow with Nana, 
then we revamped our plan.
We decided the pie safe,
yes the one I started the post with,
 needed to go, 
and we replaced it with a table and chairs.  
With that plan in hand we went shopping.
At Overstock.com Outlet store we struck gold!!
It all came together!!
There was barely room for Nana on the way home!

We kinda just played house right in the middle of the stored. We set up a mini vignette trying different chairs with the different tables. I even hijacked an easel they had a sign on, so Nana could see art work 'on the wall' with the vignette. I am sure it was quite entertaining to the other customers.

I love this giant print of a blue heron. 
 It brings all the colors in the room together. 
I am all about the details, and this canvas needed just a little help. 
 I like to call it eye liner!!
To frame out the canvas we bought very inexpensive trim. It's just foam wrapped in wood grain paper. I mitered the corners and tacked it right to the canvas edges.

In a matter of minutes this bird was framed and ready to hang on the wall. I love how this dark trim makes the art stand out from the wall.
Just like eye liner does for your eye!!

So what do you think?
Are we finally on to something?
Stick around to see how it all turns out!

Thanks for stopping by.

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Emma said...

I love the "eyeliner" on the canvas. It really defines the picture.