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Monday, August 17, 2015

Ash's reaction

Now that you have seen Ashlee's room, you must be dying to see if she even liked it. I mean all that work is not worth it if she doesn't care for the room.
 My kids have this tradition that they want to be surprised so they won't go in their room while I am working on it. 
When I am done we do a big reveal.
Follow the photo strip below to find her reaction of her first look at her room!!
I think it was a success!!
She loves it!

I loved doing this room for her, just thinking about how she would love this detail or that detail kept me going.  
I love this beautiful girl!!
Enjoy your room Ash!!

Thanks for stopping by!


janetmagna said...

Love! Unfortunately, your video is set to private 😕

Cristina Garay said...

How awesome, Ronda! Love the video. I wish I could do the same to my kids but they don't like surprises and keep on giving me exact detail of what's what they like as I work on their rooms. I'm now heading to check the reveal. ;)