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Monday, August 10, 2015

Rustic Charm Room Reveal - Teenage Girl Room on a Budget!!

Finally Ashlee's room is done!!

With out further adieu, here it is!!
(Warning: Long post with LOTS of photos!!)

I added lots of color with accessories and fabrics.
I know it's a lot to take in, so I will break it down.
Let's start with the lamp. It was given to me by my mom because she had no need for it any more. I love the worn gold finish.  It was shadeless, so I added a $3 green chevron shade I found at DI
Next lets talk about the bed and the bedding.
If you remember I kept her old bed and made the headboard considerably taller, painted it aqua, and distressed it. 
Here are the links to see how I transformed the bed.
This gave it more presence in the room; making it the focal point. 
I really wanted to use a quilt on Ashlee's bed, until she told me she didn't like them, 
and really wanted a poofy bedspread.
I had a down duvet, so I made her a duvet cover. 
(OK, truth be told I was feeling the time pinch, and my mother offered to help out.  She is a super seamstress, so she made it for me!!  Sweetest mom ever!)
I used a taupe colored fabric with a diamond pattern woven into it that I got at Walmart.
 I love the subtle texture it adds. It is actually a full size duvet, so it hangs longer on this twin size bed.  But this bed is really high so it works out perfectly. 
Comforter $30 total!!
As for the pillows, the quilted pink cover was from a Desert Industries(DI) for $3, the green furry pok-a-dot pillow made from a baby carrier I purchased at a DI for $2. The other big pillow was made with leftover curtain fabric with some aqua bias tape I already had.
I love how the patterns and colors work together.
 Last of all I topped the end of the bed of fwith a supper soft white furry blanket across the end of the bed.
Of coarse you know I got it at DI for $3.

Now lets talk about that awesome vintage looking sign above her bed.
Ashlee helped me make it.  She picked out the saying, helped me pick the fonts, and helped paint and sand the whole thing.
I haven't posted about that yet, but will soon. So stay tuned.
We used a scrap of wood we had and other leftover supplies we had on hand, so it was free.

One of my favorite things in this room is the coral colored night stand. 
I paid $4.95 total for this nightstand remake!
I made it taller and gave it a new paint job; here is the link.
I bought the grey No. 1 tote at Ross for $8.  Ashlee uses it to store her teddy bear that she may or maynot still like to sleep with.  He is not so pretty any more and loves hiding in the tote during the day. I love this brass owl coin tray.  I picked it up for 50 cents. Truth be told it holds more bobby pins than coins. 
(If you have a teenage daughter with long hair, you know what I mean.)

I picked up the cute scalloped edge green poka-a-dot bed skirt at Savers. Love the little detail and I can't forget function. I added these rolling under bed storage boxes ; they give her added clothes storage.

 What can I say about the ceiling.  I love to look up when you are sitting on a bed and see something fun to look at!  For this room I painted an old frame blue, distressed it and added a white glaze and some wall paper. I then used chalk paint on the light fixture and white glaze again. I took a chance on the chicken wire lamp shades, but love them. You have to go check out how I transformed this light fixture if you missed it.

One of the most important functions of a bedroom is to house your clothes. I totally reworked the insides of her closet to make it fit more clothes and be more organized. We also converted her bi fold doors into sliders. I store her dirty clothes bin in her closet which is a slim basket from Walmart. Labeling things helps to keep things organized and easy to find, so I made chalkboard labels for her closet baskets. We all know I love function married with good looks!!

This window wall is also a favorite of mine. These built ins have totally transformed this room. Remember they started out as a free 80's oak bookshelf, two used bathroom vanities, a random free kitchen cabinet and a wooden arch from the Restore.

How do they look know?
Let's take a closer look at the window seat and base cabinets. 
I will let you in on a little secret, those are doors on the window seat, not drawers. 
The profile of the doors didn't match the base cabinets, so I added pulls, making them look like drawers. But they still have functional storage in them, and labels. Again this helps get things put away, because everything has a clearly defined home.
I bought foam and made a cushion for the window seat. 
Secret number two: I found this corduroy like material at DI for $1. But I only had enough for the top, sides and cording. The bottom of the cushion is covered with different material.
Shhhh, don't tell.
The pillows were made from scraps of fabric I had or bought at DI for 50 cent. I buy feather pillow forms when ever I find them at second hand stores, bring them home and toss them in the dryer.  When I need pillows I have lots of pillow forms. I also buy them at Ikea occasionally.
Mickey is Ashlee's memento from our trip to Disney land, notice Mickey himself signed the bottom of his foot!!

I colored white knobs with a sharpie to get the bright color I wanted. You can see the inside of the base cabinets above. These cabinets were sink bases and had no shelves in them. I used scraps of pressed wood to cut shelves that fit. They were a little rough so I covered them with wallpaper. 
Pretty detail I think.

I am in love with how this arch frames out the window and the curtain peeks out from behind it. The contrast of the bright patterned blind gets me every time. Oh and what about that crown moulding? I am a succor for stacked trim!!
Over all the built-ins turned out great. For your viewing pleasure here are some close ups of the decor details that make the built ins come to life.

You know I am the Second Hand Queen. 
 I am a super firm believer in decorating for less!!
 WAY LESS!!!!!!
So I have to show you how I decorated these built ins for less.

Everything with a star is from a second hand store.
Everything without a star we already had.
Like Ashlee's toy horse collection(she paired way down), her books and mementos. The blue metal trunk was gifted to her from her grandmother at this room reveal. It was grandma's as a little girl and still contains Grandma's favorite doll and doll clothes. The plants are from IKEA. 
Do you notice the functional items that also add to the beauty and feel of the room?
$5 fan to keep her cool since she opted for a chandelier instead of a ceiling fan.
Red metal trunk, she uses for storage.
It all works together, it feels like this room has just been put together over the years.

Have you ever seen such a huge mirror in a bedroom?
There are some changes going on in the girls bathroom, including taking this builder grade mirror out. So I offered it to Ashlee.
Teenage girl dream come true!!
Let's just say 3-4 of her friends can stand in front of this mirror at the same time!
(They have actually tested this out.)
Guess who's house everyone is going to want to get ready at on Prom night?
I have another post coming to show you how this mirror was installed and about the trim. For now let's just say MDF, paint and Washi tape was involved.
Ashlee's owl artwork flanks the mirror and the pouf sits in front of the mirror for added seating.
On a side note: with twin teenage girls we often have lots of girl friends over hanging out. It is not uncommon to have 5 girls crowed into one of the girls' rooms. Now they have the window seat, the pouf, and the bed to sit on. 

Here is the last corner of the room. Behind the door.  One wall houses the magnetic board I made from a coffee table top, and the other wall displays a horse embroidery picture that her grandmother made. 
OK, just because I like pretty pictures here is a collage of details from all over the room.

And a room reveal would not be complete with out some Before and After photos, right?

What do you think? 
Does it look like a low budget room? 


Rachel said...

As usual, a FABULOUS job! You certainly have a knack for 'working with what ya got'! It certainly does NOT look low budget. ;)

Cheryl Merrill said...

It looks great of course! I love the moulding and the window seat, oh and the chandelier!
So when you get done with your house, can you please come do mine???!! I just don't have your gift!

dee dee said...

simply adorable! Fantastic job! Love all the details! Your kids are so blessed to have you for a mom!

Cristina Garay said...

As usual, you did an AWESOME job! I love this room, the colors, the storage, the small details. It's a gorgeous room!

Mary K. said...

Wow this is a gorgeous room. Yes, it does look like you worked on it over a period of time. I'm also working on a teen room,.. thanks for all the great ideas.

Vidya said...

Wow! such a charming room! I love everything you have done here - all harmonious and beautifully co-ordinated.. this is my first time at your blog. Dropping by from DIY Showoff :)