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Thursday, September 17, 2015

Method Air to the Rescue!!

You could say my summer has been hectic. With scout camps, family camps, girls camp, and summer gardening! It has also been a hot summer for me! My car A/C went out this summer and it has taken all summer and three times at the mechanics to get all the leaks stopped! I finally have cool air in my car! We also have had the A/C in our house stop working twice this summer!! And twice I called my favorite A/C guy!!
 Jake Pilcher from Method Air!

And twice Jake quickly fit me in to his schedule! That is amazing in itself, but I also trust him, which is huge for me. I follow workmen around my house like a hawk, making sure they are doing what I think is a good job and hoping to learn something from them. Jake loves it when I tag along and ask about a billion questions. 
Thanks Jake!

To make a long story short I am back to living in coolness thanks to Jake and I know exactly why my air wasn't working and what he did to fix it. 
I was super impressed so I just wanted to share this with you. If you live in Utah look them up. Here is a link to their Method Air Facebook Page.

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