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Thursday, September 3, 2015

Nana's Day - Coffee Table Redo

Yes, we are still working on Nana's house. Here is a small project we tackled while Nana was out of town.  She had this end table and it was the perfect size and had the open storage we wanted for blankets, so we decided to keep it.  Only problem was the particle board top had some water damage.  Just paint would not fix the bumps and Nana likes to put cold drinks on this table so we needed a plan!
The Restore to the rescue!!
We found a 4' x4' sheet of blue plexi glass at the Restore.
So I cut it to fit the top of the  table, I even rounded the corners to match.
(In the photo below the plexi glass still has the protective film on it; it is not really all scratched up.)
(Oh and my sister thinks she has to pose like Vanna White when I take her picture. lol)

We then just unscrewed the legs and painted all the parts blue.

We glued the plexi glass to the top shelf, and put everything back together. I did add just a little black glaze to the legs.
Super easy and super simple.  

What do you think?
Nana loves it!  It functions so well too!
It holds all the extra blankets for cuddling when watching TV and the top is perfect for drinks or whatever; it just wipes clean!!

Just one more project to shsre and then I will show you the entire room!!!

Thanks for stopping by!

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