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Monday, October 12, 2015

Girls Bathroom - Adding a new bathroom fan and consonlidating switches with an outlet

Confession time!
We actually cut the hole in the wall and installed the medicine cabinet in the girls bathroom before we did Ashlee's room!!
I knew we might mess up the wall on Ashlee's side so we did it first.
(OK I feel better, getting that confession out!!lol)
Now skip forward in time.
We needed to address a few small electrical issues.
First, we needed to upgrade the bathroom fan, and we decided to add some lights over the shower.
That meant someone had to get into the attic.
We enlisted the help of our girls, itr is their bathroom.
So Ashlee was assigned as Dad's helper in the the bathroom and Em was assigned to help me in the attic.
She was super excited.

We had fun climbing around in the attic. Em learned how to find the joist to walk on, hold the flash light and dig through insulation. Ash mostly handed things to Dad, although she did help cut the holes in the ceiling for the new lights.

We took out the original fan, which was small and insufficient for the bathroom.
We added a higher grade fan to help with the moisture in the bathroom.

Then we added the LED lights over the shower.
It is amazing how much lighting can change a space.
They were small and simple but add lots of light.

Our last issue was a little bit harder to solve. 
(See the photo below.)
The outlet was now partly covered by the medicine cabinet.
 It obviously needed to be moved, but where?
I could just move it over but I didn't want the hand towel hanging over it.
So it was either going to have to be right next to the existing switches or above them.

I really wanted to combined them into one box, but didn't know if I could.
These plates are not very common.
Couldn't find one at Lowe's, but was super excited to find one at Home Depot.

Now to get this old box out.
1. First we had to unscrew the screw that was holding the box to the stud. Oh and before I forget mark your wires so you know which are for the lights and which are for the fan.
2. But the box was still attached to the stud with nails on the top and bottom of the box. We used a hack saw and cut through the nails.
3. Then we just pulled and pulled.
4. Finally we used some pliers to break the box. 
5. After breaking the sides we used a screw driver and pushed until the box fell into the wall.
6. Now the wires were free, and we fished them through the wall from the old outlet.

7. We pushed the wires up out of the way and cut the hole bigger to accommodate the three gang box.
8. You can buy after construction boxes that clamp to the dry wall. It fits perfectly.
9. Once you hook up the switches and outlet, you just put on your new pretty plate. 
Looks fantabulous!!!

There was a little stress waiting to see if the wire would reach from the original outlet location to the new location......
Yes, just barely!!!

We may have left a gaping hole where the outlet was!
But have no fear I have a plan for that.

This bathroom is really moving, can't wait to show you more!!

Thanks for stopping by!!

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Unknown said...

How hard is it to install a new fan? I'm wanting to take in updating one of our bathrooms and the fan needs replaced bad so was thinking of starting there first and as budget allows can do the other things