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Monday, October 26, 2015

Girls Bathroom- Creating a New Light with Spray Paint and Vinyl

Gosh I am so excited to show you how I got this awesome new light that would retail at $135 for about $8. 
But first I want to introduce you to Aaron Thomas!

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Aaron Thomas!
 He is the newest member of our family. Some people do elf on the shelf.
I decided Aaron Thomas would be in a different pose everyday the kids came home from school.
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OK, now let's get back to that awesome light fixture.
I knew I wanted 4 or 5 lights on the girls light fixture.
(I am a light person! Must have lots of light.)
I found this lovely one at DI for FIVE DOLLARS!
(Yeah just about broke the bank with that one!)
 She had a little bit of rust, no problem a little bit of steal wool didn't fix.
She started out as a two tone gold and silver lady. Not quite the look I wanted.
 I liked the shape of the shades, but I did not like the super pointy tops though; they were going to have to go!
 Luckily, with a little brute strength from my husband, the pointy tops just screwed off.
Problem solved.

Now for the new color!
If you remember my plan for the bathroom, the light fixture was going to be gold.
Here's my drawing if you forgot!

I used Krylon Gold Metallic.

I added some black glaze on the rope detail. 
It looked nice until I put it in the bathroom. 
It just wasn't right!

So I went back to the drawing board. 
Actually I just went to my paint cupboard, and found a can of Krylon Oil Rubbed Bronze paint. Thought I would give it a try.

Loved it!!

You just have to go with your gut sometimes and not your plan!
Once the fixture was all painted I turned my attention to the glass shades.
 Like I said I like the shape, but just wanted a bit of color and personality.
 First I thought I would paint some stripes on the shades. But I wanted really crisp lines, so I decided to try vinyl.
You heard right, I said vinyl.
I took some scrap vinyl and cut it into thin strips on my paper cutter. I just carefully stuck the vinyl to the glass. 
I played around with what thickness of stripes I liked and how many. I finally decided on a one thin line.

Here is my new light fixture!
I love the little bit of blue and how the dark oil rubbed bronze pops against the white cabinet!!

(I have had this vinyl on the working light fixture for almost three months,
 and it still looks good and is working fine. Just in case you were wondering how it would hold up to the heat.)
Similar lights sell for around $135, like this one I found on line. 
 I think mine has more character.
And mine was $5 plus a can of spray paint.
I saved around $127 dollars!

What do yo think?
Here's a before and after just because it makes me feel good to see how much things transform!!

Hope you look at all those bathroom light fixtures at the second hand store with new eyes
and see all the possibilities.

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