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Monday, October 5, 2015

Girls Bathroom - Cutting the Wall for the Recessed Medicine Cabinet

Now we were ready to cut a hole for the new cabinet.
Oh, wait first that lovely generic light fixture had to be taken down.

Before you decide to recess a cabinet, make sure it is not a load bearing wall.
When you open up a wall you really never know what you will find. We try very hard to make educated guesses as to what is where inside the wall, but we almost always find some sort of surprise. 
So first we cut some small holes in each bay between the studs. This allowed us to look up and see if there were any surprises in this wall. We found nothing.

Next we measured and drew out what size we wanted our opening to be. Then we went to town with drywall saws. 
 (Side note, this is the girls bathroom. So we felt they should help out with this project. I really want my girls to have some experience and knowledge in DIY. They did great!!)

This project creates lots of dust! 
Be for warned!

Remember when I said we checked to see if there were surprises in the wall?
Yeah, we didn't think we needed to check the last bay closest to the corner because it was so small!!
Do you see our surprise?

Yep, that is the back of the electrical box for the light switch in Ashlee's room!!
I am not sure that I have mentioned that this medicine cabinet is also 8 inches deep. Les wanted to cut the back few inches off, but I wanted the storage. This new surprise just added to our debate. 
(Does anyone else argue debate?)
One thing we did agree on was that this baby needed to be set as far to the corner as we could get it. With all this info we continued to discuss things until we came up with a solution!!
Solutions make everything better!!
I will tell ya ours, just hold on. I will say I won, and we didn't cut off the back two inches.
Next we finished making our hole and cut out the studs that were in the opening.
This is the only picture we have of the huge hole in the wall, sorry it is so crappy.
Did I mention how big this thing is?

I would like to repeat, make sure this is not a load bearing wall before you cut out the studs!
Now for our solution....
drum roll.......................
We just cut the sides of the cabinet to allow for the electrical box and wires.
It took about a million test fits to get this baby to fit. This cabinet is huge and heavy, so our test fittings were a family affair. It took two of our teenage sons, Les and I to put this cabinet in place or take it back out. I think the boys were so tired of taking out and putting in, and taking it out, and putting it in.... 
You get the picture? 

Success at last!!!
Then we screwed it in place.

Of coarse if you know me, I am not going to just leave the exposed wires, even if they would be behind closed doors!!
I grabbed some scrap wood and made little covers for the wires and box. A little glue, and finish nails and tada!

I think it was a pretty good solution. 
Where there is a will there's a way!
Here is a side by side photo

After I get them painted you won't even notice them.
This is so how I roll,just 
working with what ya got!!

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