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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Girls Bathroom - Fixing the Medicince cabinet doors

Now that I had this cabinet painted I wanted to add a little pizazz. If you follow me on Instagram or my BatchelorsWay Facebook page you already saw this.
I had a roll of wall paper that I had picked up at DI once for a $1, 
so I wallpapered the back of the cabinet! 
I love it!!!! 
I know you can only see it when you open the doors,
 but it is a fun surprise. 
What do you think?

Next I had to get the doors back on. Remember how the mirrors were just held in place with a rubber seal? I pulled that out and prepped and painted the doors.

I wanted the glass to have a little more support because this is a kids bathroom! Once my doors were dry and all pretty I placed the mirror back in place followed by a layer of foam core. This was to act as a filler. 
(I used foam core I had left over from when a girl asked my son out to a dance. I am frugal to a "T"!)
Then I bought a sheet of white panel board from Lowe's for $14. It was less than 1/4 inch thick. I cut it to fit the mirror opening in each door. With the foam core and panel the door frame and panel back were flush. I then used these nylon turn buttons to hold the panel in place.  I had to buy two packages costing me $7.

Once the doors were done I put the hinges back on and installed them. 
Not too bad for a $10 cabinet!!!

Next time I will shed some light on this!!
Get it?
I will show you the new light fixture!
I just crack myself up!!

Oh and just in case you don't follow me on Instagram,
my oldest just got engaged!!
To the cutest and sweetest girl in town!!
We could not be happier with his choice!
Here's a few pics I snapped the night they got engaged and were tell everyone!!

Thanks for stopping by!


dee dee said...

oh my gosh!!!! Congrats to your son and his new bride to be!
Love the wallpaper treatment in back of the cabinet!

Emma said...

The wallpaper looks so cool! Wow the cabinet looks great! Congrats on your son getting engaged. I sure you will have fun planning a wedding frugally! I love that you are frugal but your projects never look cheap. They are beautifully detailed and classy. Have a great day!