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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Girls Bathroom - How to make a used Medicine Cabinet look built in

Crazy busy around here!
 But here's more progress on the bathroom. When you are using salvaged cabinets they aren't built to fit exactly, but you can make them look that way with a little tweaking. For this cabinet I had a gap between the wall and the edge of the cabinet.  I guess I could leave it, but I don't want it took look like it was just floating there. I wanted it to look built in, so I added a 1x2 trimmed to fill in the gap. I used glue and shot small nails from the inside of the cabinet to secure the board.

Who ever removed this baby from it's original home didn't take much care and I had to patch some gouges and holes where the wood splintered and broke off. After a few repetitions of filling and sanding you can't see anything but a smooth board. I sanded this whole cabinet and filled all the holes and dents. 
Next I started building the upper section. I used a strip of bead molding between the cabinet and the upper section. This always looks better than just a seam. 
I used scraps from my wood pile and cut pieces to fit. I could have used one solid piece but I didn't have one tall enough so I pieced it. You can see how it is part oak and part white in the photo below. It will totally be fine because the crown molding will cover from the ceiling down to the oak. I reinforced the back of the joint with another piece of wood. I also cut out a circle for the electrical box. I plan on mounting the light to the front of this just like in the master bathroom.
Next, I mounted small sticks of wood to the ceiling into the joists and more sticks mounted to the top of the cabinet. 
(See small photo below
Then I nailed the front and side to these small sticks. Note: I marked the ceiling joists with painters tape, it makes it easier to nail into the joists when installing the crown.

It's looking sooooo good to me!!
I know you can't wait for it to all get painted!!
But you will have to wait.
I want to show you one more thing.
The doors are super tall and awesome, but there is nothing backing the mirrors. Just this mirror glass. I don't like this. I want them to have a sturdy backing on the mirrors. I decided to take the mirrors out. This will make painting easier. These mirrors were just being held in place with this rubberized edging. I easily pulled it out and popped the mirrors out.
I will show you latter what I used to put them back in place with.

Last of all I sanded all the doors supper smooth!!

I think we are almost ready to paint!!!!
Stay tuned!

Thanks for stopping by!

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