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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Girls Bathroom - ShowerTile

OK it's math time. What does
 "Lots of super hot showers + low grade bathroom fan + shower window that doesn't open equal?"

I don't know if anybody else has this problem in their bathroom, but it sucks!
Remember the nasty number the moisture was doing to the drywall and corner bead?
Well, I have a plan to fix it and keep it from coming back!
You may remember we put in a better bathroom fan. That was step one. 
Step two is make the window and walls more impervious to water. I decided to tile from the top of the shower surround to the ceiling. Tile takes exposure to steam and water much better than drywall.

Now, I just had to prep the area.
 I took a putty knife and scrapped off all the loose paint and dry wall mud. You can really see how much damage was going on once all the loose stuff was gone.
(Don't judge people!!)

Then I filled all the holes with wall patch. It took a little while for the mud to dry and a few more times of filling it in before I was happy with my new smooth surface.
Now I just had to figure out what tile to use.
I had some almond colored subway tile that I picked up from DI one time long ago, but it was slightly darker than the shower surround. I thought maybe if I mixed it with some white subway tile I would like it with the white shower surround.
But what tile pattern to use?
Yeah, I spent forever mapping out tile patterns on my coffee table.
 (You may notice my white tiles are just paper I cut to size! Whatever works!!)

I actually liked the top three photos the best, but I just didn't like the almond next to the surround. (See photo 1 below.)
( I know it looks like a perfect match, but it wasn't in real life.) 
I also didn't want anymore grout lines than I had to have, so large tiles were very appealing to me. Which brings me to photo 2 below.  I fell in love with these large 6"x 2' tiles. They had a stone look to them. 
That is the tile I decided on.....until.....

I found it was incompatible with my installation process!
Let me explain.
I planned on using Bondera to adhere the tiles to the wall. You just apply the sticky paper to the wall and then the tiles to the paper. No cement board or gooey mastic! Only problem is you can only use tile up to 36 square inches. My chosen tiles were more than 100 square inches too big!!
Back to square one!
In the end Les wanted white tile too, so we picked out some extra large subway tile. 
4"x 8.5" to be exact.

I know; long story of how I chose my tile, next time we will get these babies on the wall!!
Thanks for stopping by.

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