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Monday, October 19, 2015

Girls Bathroom - Using a Finish Max Paint Sprayer to paint my medicine cabinet and a Give-A-Way!

I have wanted to try out a paint sprayer for a long time.
 I decided that the girls medicine cabinet would be a great project to try one out on.
  I partnered with HomeRight to try out their Finish Max.

They also sent the Rapid Clean Tool Kit.
I was super excited when my package arrived in the mail.
Here is what it all looked like when I unpacked and assembled it.

This sprayer was super light; that's a bonus in my book. You have to keep a steady hand when spraying, so if you are not a buff body builder light weight is good!!
I did some research and decided I really wanted to use an enamel paint. Enamel is supposed to dry with a harder finish. Not a lot of options, but I found that Behr offered one at my local Home Depot so I went with Marquee by Behr in Ultra Pure White.

Now I had my paint and sprayer, I just needed to prep my cabinet. I don't think I need to say it, but I will any ways. Your finished project is only as good as your prep work. I filled lots of nicks and scratches, sanded, sanded, and sanded. I finished it all off by caulking all the joints to give my paint job a smooth finish. I didn't want any over spray on the ceiling so I taped that off with brown painters paper and tape. I plan on painting the walls so I didn't worry about over spray there. I did tape off the electrical opening and put a drop cloth over the sink, counter, toilet and floor.
 I used a good primer for glossy surfaces on all the Oak surfaces first then I used a brush and small roller. Once the primer dried in those areas I sanded again lightly.

Before I began painting I wiped everything down one more time with a damp rag. I had to thin down the primer and paint to use it in the Finish Max. The instructions tell you how to thin it and give you a special cup to determine if it is properly thinned. The primer glossy surfaces is a pretty thick paint and I needed it to stay thick for coverage over the oak stain and to grab the glossy surface. That is why I choose to paint those areas first with a roller and brush. Once that dried I loaded up the Finish Max Paint Sprayer with regular primer and gave the cabinet a good coat. I followed that with a few coats of my enamel paint.

How does she look?
How was my experience with the Finish Max paint sprayer?
Over all I would say I liked it. It was tricky trying to get all the surfaces on the insides of the cabinet, because you can't tilt the sprayer much. You have to have a steady hand as you go back an forth in long sweeping motions. It did give me a smooth finish with no brush marks. I also sprayed the doors in the garage and found that was super easy and fast. I love the finish on the doors. The thin coats dry fairly fast, so I could spray the doors, go inside and spray the cabinet and then go spray a second coat on the doors. 
I had a hard time getting the paint thinned enough according to their tool. I added the max amount of water the paint label said you could add and it still wasn't thin enough according to the viscous cup that came with the sprayer. I went ahead even though it wasn't as watery as they suggested. It seemed to work fine. I did have one spot on the top trim and crown molding that ran. I went out to the garage to clean up the sprayer, imagine my face when I went back to check on my lovely new cabinet and there were drips where the paint ran. It was partially dry already and touching it just made it worse. So I just had to wait until it dried. Then I sanded the small area smooth again, and touched it up. Bet ya can't tell.

I think all in all it worked great and I would use it again. In fact I have a dresser I want to try it on. I will show you how that turns out when I get around too it!
I would suggest that you start out on a project that you can maneuver around easily, like a small piece of furniture or cabinet doors. Then when you have the hang of it, try your kitchen or bathroom cabinets.
(I just had to do it backwards!! lol)
I am pleased with the smooth finish.
Oh and the clean up was super easy with the Rapid Cleaning Tool Kit.
You literally just hook the sprayer up to your faucet and spray water through it until the water runs clear.

After that you do have to take it apart and clean the tiny parts, but most of the paint has been cleaned out by the water which made this accessory worth it for me. Cleaning paint tools is the pits so anything to make it easier is sooo worth it.

So there you have it, my honest opinion, as always.
But you don't have to take my word for it. 
HomeRight is offering a free paint sprayer to one of my readers!!! 
Whoo hooo!! 
 Who doesn't like free?

So go ahead and enter and good luck!!
Open to US residents 18 and older only.

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Susan @ SunflowerHugs said...

I want to repaint our kitchen cabinets!


I love this! I have wanted a sprayer for so long! I could have used in when I painted my kitchen cabinets!

pbrenner said...

That turned out great! I have a kitchen pantry (the orangey oak kind - unfinished) that could really use a coat of paint. I would love to be able to use a sprayer instead of a brush, especially on the inside.

pbrenner said...

That turned out great! I would love to paint my orange-y oak kitchen pantry, especially the inside. A white interior would make it seem a lot less cave like :-)

Tina @ ClutteredCorkBoard said...

Refinishing a desk! Great giveaway!

Unknown said...

This is awesome and inspirational!
We recently moved and have spent a ton of money on new furniture however the one piece we haven't bought is a dresser/sufferable for our bedroom...so our bedroom looks quite bare at the moment. However we have our old dresser/sidetable still but haven't put it in our bedroom because it doesn't match our new decor color which is gray and white. The dresser is black...I would use this to paint it either an antiquey gray or white!
Ami Humpley

Emma said...

The medicine cabinets look great! I hope I win, I have about 10 projects I could you a spray painter on.

furgan said...

I would use it on a dresser I've been slowly painting by hand.

Unknown said...

I would paint my kitchen cabinets!!

Tina F

Mirien said...

I have been wanting to repaint out master bedroom furniture but I keep putting it off. A sprayer would make it go so much faster! And then I would paint the oak cabinet in my hallway, and then, the hutch I use in my sewing room, and then...

The White Family said...

I would use it to paint an entry bench. I need this. It would so much faster, and look better also.

Ana said...

I would use it on my kitchen cabinets :)

Unknown said...

I would use it to paint homemade wood doors.

Chris Q said...

Way too many things to use it on,but i think i would definitely start on my 1970 walnut paneling in the den. Its time for light and bright !

Chris Q said...

Way too many things to use it on, but i would start on my 1970 walnut paneling in my den. Its time for a lighter brighter home !

Aubrey Claybrook said...

We are buying a house and I would start with all my Oak cabinets!!!

TiffanyKay said...

I love how honest your opinion was about the sprayer; means you're a great blogger!! I am wanting to paint my kitchen and this couldn't have come at a better time!

tweetyscute said...

I would love to paint my outdoor furniture