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Monday, November 23, 2015

Girls Bathroom - Back splash

Back to the girls bathroom.
Please tell me others of you suffer from detailephobia.
Do you obsess about little details of your project each night as you drift off to sleep?
Yeah, that is me!!
"What am I obsessing about now", you ask?
I finished my new counter top, I let it go with all it's imperfections, 
but now I was crazy obsessed with the rounded back splash!!
It just made my whole faux counter look like a painted laminate counter!
I stuck a board up and it instantly made the illusion of a marble counter more believable!
Don't you agree?

OK, now I could get some sleep!
Not so fast,
 first I had to decide on what to cover my new back splash with.
 I couldn't just throw up a plain piece of wood!
To the store I went from where I brought home lots of samples.
I found some ogee tiles I loved, and they were even on clearance!
(Pretty sure I was going to pick this one.)
I grabbed some subway tiles and some more expensive glass mosaic tiles just for kicks.
What do you think?

I totally surprised myself!
Everyone including me loved the glass Mosaic.
They were over $11 a square foot at Lowe's, but I looked at Home Depot and found a very close match for about $8 a foot. 
With my tiles in hand I set about creating a flat back splash.
1. I started by covering my newly painted and glazed counter with some old towels.
2. I used a 1x2 to fill in the gap above the rolled back splash and I screwed it into the studs behind the sheet rock..
3. I then glued some old laminate samples I had to the rolled back splash and 1x2 board. I secured it with a few pin nails while the construction adhesive dried. 

4. You can see how it covers both surfaces making a new flat back splash.
5. The board was super thin, about 1/8, so it didn't take up much space at all. 
6. Doesn't that already look better?

After letting that dry for a day I installed the glass tile. I used leftover Bondera and grout from the shower tile project. Just make sure all the mosaic tiles are firmly attached to the Bondera surface. And grout with in 8 hours.

Looks amazing with my faux counter, don't you think?

The tiles are Delano Blanco Mosaics from Home Depot and the grout is Keracolor Warm Gray #93 from Lowe's. I used leftover subway tiles to cap the side back splash.
I am so happy with this the entire thing. 
Because this was such a small area I was able to use leftover supplies for everything but the tile. I only purchased three 12" tiles, bringing my grand total for this project in at $24!!!
But I think it looks like a million bucks!!
What do you think?

I hope more than anything people can see that you can have a beautiful home with out breaking the bank!!

Can't wait to show you the whole bathroom!!
Thanks for stopping by!

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dee dee said...

Soooooo cool! I love your creativity! Perfect choice with the countertop!