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Monday, December 14, 2015

How to make a Cutlery Box, and a good trade!

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Mary P. Hall
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OK now to our regularly scheduled post!!

With all the family gatherings and parties at this time of year, who couldn't use a neat cutlery box? 
It keeps all your paper plates and plastic ware organized and easily accessible to your guest. Today I wanted to show your how I made one from scraps of wood. But first another back story.
 (I always have a story to go with my crazy ideas!!)

If you think I have abandoned posts about the girls bathroom your wrong. This is actually about their bathroom. I wanted storage for the girls make up in their new medicine cabinet. I wanted them to be able to just pull out a tote or basket with all their make up, set it on the counter, do their makeup and then set the basket back in the cabinet. Simple!
Not really, 
I needed baskets that fit my specific space,
 I wanted them to have dividers in them, 
I wanted two, 
and I didn't want to pay very much. 
(Story of my life!!)

Enter the perfect basket!

I actually bought this basket about eight years ago at Walmart.
  I had used it for my makeup, before my bathroom remodel. 
It was not being used now and fit perfectly in the space!!
Only problem was, I only had one!!!
I had bought it so long ago, I couldn't just go buy another one. 
So the search was on! But I wasn't finding anything I liked and could afford!
Then I remembered my sister had bought the exact same basket years ago with me!
She however was still using hers as a cutlery basket. She wasn't ready to give it up without a replacement because she uses this baby at every family gathering.
I wanted that basket BAD!! So I set about getting making her a custom cutlery box.
And you thought I just whipped this box up for kicks.
After digging through my wood scraps, I was ready to get started.

Here is what you will need:
1/4 inch thin scraps of wood
3/4 inch scraps of wood
Old English Scratch Cover
set of small handles or knobs
decorative wood piece (optional)

1. Start by cutting your wood to size.
Cut two 12.5 x 5.5 inch rectangles from the 1/4 thick wood.
Cut two 6.5 x 5.5inch squares from 3/4 inch scraps.
Then make about a 1/4" deep grove down the middle of each square.
(I used my table saw to make the grove.)
2.  Next use wood glue and pin nails to create a box out of your pieces, make sure the groves are facing the inside of the box.
Cut a thin piece of wood to fit the bottom of box and attach it.
Then cut a rectangle about 11.5 x 5.5 inches. This is the center divider. Cut two 2.75 x 5.5 out of 1/4 inch wood and attach these to the center divider. I glued them in place, about three inches apart.
(Let the glue dry completely.)

3. Prime and paint all parts.
4. Distress the box by rubbing Old English Scratch Cover for Dark Woods over the hole box. Once it dries you can slide the divider part into the box and add your handles. I used cute little cup pulls I got off some other small box from the thrift store. But you could use almost anything as handles; knobs, bent silverware, leather straps, the possibilities are endless. 
It looked a little plain to me so I added a small wooden decal to give it some personality and distressed the whole box with a little sanding.
I did buy the wooden decals, but everything else I just had.
I love it's rustic look and function!!

What do you think?
My sister loves it!
She was happy with our swap!
I am too; can't wait to show you what I did with her basket!!

Are you ready to make your own cutlery box?
I love using what I have to create something useful!
I would love to see photo's of yours, send them my way!!

Thanks for stopping by!!

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