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Monday, December 28, 2015

Top Ten Post of 2015!

I am so grateful for all of you who follow me and look forward to more DIY adventures.
This year I have lots of new adventures. I have been approached to write a book! I am working on it now, but I need to get more followers on Instagram if this book is going to happen. So if you are not already following me, please do!  And get all your friends to also!!
But for now let's look at the top 10 most viewed posts this past year.
Starting with number 10.


I showed you the process of how I plan and get the pieces for my built-ins.
I am glad to see you like to see this process.
Look for more post like this next year.

(Chicken wire lamp shades)

This was a super fun light redo. I am glad you thought so too.


You all must be goal oriented or you are just checking to see how well I stick to my goals.
I will weigh in on my 2015 goals next post!


I love making what you already have work for you. This night stand was a perfect example of that. 
Making this nightstand taller proved fairly easy. 


Ashlee's room was one of my favorite projects this year. 


This was a super short post announcing I was in Better Homes and Gardens.
 I feel so loved that you were all so supportive.


I love every project in Em's room, but I have found pin boards, cork boards and magnet boards are of interest to lots of people!!


With the high price of poufs, it is no surprise that making one for less was the third most viewed post.


Em's Glamorous Room was a big, big hit at our  house as well as on the Internet!!


Working with what ya got!
My little mantra was clearly demonstrated in this post.
I took two dressers I had and some mirror paper I found at a second hand store and made the most popular post.  Makes me happy since this post is the epitome of what I do best!

Thanks for being part of my DIY. I hope you follow along this year for all my crazy low budget ideas. I would love to have you follow me on social media, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, or Google Plus.
You won't miss a thing that way!
Thanks for stopping by!

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