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Monday, January 4, 2016

Girls Bathroom - Rustic Industrial Shelves for $4

I know you are wondering when I am going to get back to posting about the girls bathroom. 
Well it's today!!

I am in love with these cabinets, but I digress. 
Today we are moving on!
I would call the style of the bathroom Modern Glam, but I am about to add a little Rustic Industrial touch.

But first I had to finish trimming out the walls. We had previously installed board and batten trim on the one long wall, and I decided I wanted it all the way around the room. To get a smooth paint job I use a brush to get in and around all the corners and boards followed by a roller. I switch back and forth between the two tools, where else do you store your paint brush besides your mouth?
 (When your mouth is as big as mine it's a no brainier!! Don't judge!!)

If you remember way back when we moved the outlet on this wall it left a big old hole. I finally covered it, by placing my trim boards over the hole!
 I call this the brilliant or the easy button!!
Once everything was caulked and painted it looked great!
I painted the bottom trimmed out half of the room a crisp white and the top a light grey.
I know you will want to know the color!
But you know how I roll. I used left over paint and mixed in some white, and bam, that's my color.

Now for that Rustic Industrial touch!!
I wanted some decorative shelves to add some pretty things for interest and personality.
I wanted to introduce something with more natural warm feel, so wood shelves it was!
I started with these stainless steel shelf supports.
 (I am only guessing that is what they are. I bought them at Dessert Industries for $1 each.)
I also went through the wood pile and found this old 2x6 board.
I started by lightly sanding the metal supports and then priming and spray painting them.
(Of coarse you knew I was going to spray paint something!!)
I used the left over paint from the light fixture; Oil Rubbed Bronze by Krylon.

I then cut my board into two equal lengths, mine are 19 inches long. 
I mixed a couple of stains I had on hand to get a color I liked on the wood shelves. Using the old peice of wood gave the shelves character, with lots of dents and pits on them.
Finally I just installed the supports and laid the wood on top!!
Industrial Rustic Shelves!!

They were so easy and and cheap.
Supports (4)          $4
    Wood (junk pile)          Free       
Paint (left over)          Free
  Stain (left over)          Free
Total     $4

What do you think?
I will fill you in more about all the cute accessories later!!
Saving money on your decor is all about using what you have or can find!!

Stick with me, this bathroom is almost done!!

Thanks for stopping by!!

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Jessica said...

I love how cute the bathroom is! It was so fun to see it on New Year's Eve!

Unknown said...

I think the shelf supports might actually be change room hooks (to hang up clothes you're planning to try on) but that doesn't matter, because the cool thing about this is you found something that called out to the designing part of you. I love your posts!

Cristina Garay said...

Love, love this project, Ronda! Those supports are awesome and only four dollars for the whole thing, WOW!

Erin @ the-organized-life said...

I love these shelves! Pinned.

Unknown said...

Where did you get the brackets from?