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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Changes are Good!!

First things first,
the winner of the Cutting Edge stencil is...
Anne Beachy!!
I love giveaways!

Now do you notice anything new around here?

You may have noticed I change my regular posting day, from Monday to Tuesday. I like to spend Sunday evenings with my family not blogging, so I made the switch.
 I often post a second time each week and that is still on Thursdays.

I am also excited to update the look of my blog.
Look around and tell me what you think of the new look.
It is crisp and clean.
I still have a few more changes I'm working on, like the side bar and social media buttons,
 but soon the whole transformation will be complete!

My amazing son Jaysen painted the caricature of me. 
Here is the original art work.

He then used it to create my new blog header!!
I just gave him my idea and he created this great banner on photo shop for my header.
Blogger can be a little tricky to work with and he did a wonderful job of making it fit.
He is super talented.
If you want a help with your blog header or a commissioned piece, he is your guy!

I am a mom so let me brag on him, but even if I wasn't I would have to tell you about him.
There is not really a style he can't do.
OK a picture is worth a thousand words.
Here are some of his latest works.
Some of these haven't been sold and are still for sale.

(Photo's missing.)

OK, close your mouth. I know his work is jaw dropping. 
His artwork would make for a nice gift for yourself or others.  If you want art for your business or blog, you seriously need to contact him. Yours could be the next piece he is working on. 

If you're interested you can email me.

OK, enough of my motherly commercial!
Hope you like the new look of my blog!!
Thanks for stopping by.


Jennifer V said...

LOOOOOOVE the new header! What a talented son you have!

janetmagna said...

WOW! He is truly a gifted artist! What is his contact info? I'd love one for my mom's 75th birthday on 3/11.

Dharma said...

His work is amazing! You toot his horn all you want Mama!! Love the new look around your blog.

Jean Franks Beck said...

WOWZA! Jaysen's artwork is absolutely stunning. Spectacular!

Cheryl Merrill said...

He is super talented!has he done any book illustrations?

AshleyJenkins said...

Your son is so very talented!!! Your new bog header is fantastic! I might have to contact him to see about a piece. Thank you for sharing.